New collections Paradyż Classica

We would like to present an outstanding set of wood, stone and cement patterns from PARADYŻ Classica. The signature products of Ceramika Paradyż delight with their diverse range of patterns, structures and a broad offering. PARADYŻ Classica is an idea for creating classy interiors combining quality, comfort and timeless style.


The Ennis collection is the answer to the needs of all those who prefer concrete in a more subtle version. Their universal pattern, subdued colors of grays and beiges (light gray, gray, light beige), and matte and semi-polished finish create great arrangement possibilities.

Neve Creative

Neve Creative is another collaboration between Ceramika Paradyż and Maja Ganszyniec's studio. The functionalism of this collection is contained in the timelessness of the elements used. Thanks to the play of textures, colors and chiaroscuro, the interiors become spatial.

Sintered stones

Choose a pattern inspired by calacatta stone - ideal for creating timeless arrangements. It draws attention with its warm colors and flowing gray veins, which are tonally intertwined with golden beige.

Night Queen

Unique, proprietary structures taken from the world of fashion are the result of cooperation between Paradyż Ceramics and extraordinary designer Gosia Baczynska. Let industrial elegance emerge. Look boldly into the future, don't be afraid to take risks. Let your home be your personal manifesto.

Paradyż x places


For years, we have successfully carried out investments of various types, starting from office and commercial buildings, through residential buildings, to sports facilities and those intended for public use. In all of these places, our collections are used, among others, in communication corridors, staircases, banquet and conference halls, restaurants, public bathrooms, facades, balconies, swimming pools, and many others.
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