Regardless of the number of hotel stars, the bathroom in the hotel must meet the appropriate standards. Therefore, remembering about the guidelines of building regulations, we can also apply appropriate arrangement tricks which will make the bathroom look more impressive. How to use light, reflections, colour, form, and proportions to make even a small hotel bathroom look bigger? We present several reliable solutions.


The hotel is a place where we spend time out of choice or necessity. Regardless whether we stay in it during holidays, business trips or arranging family matters, we like to feel safe and comfortable there. The sense of space is inseparable. As a rule, we are more comfortable in spacious rooms – or those that look spacious. So how to “add space” to small hotel bathrooms? We have quite a wide range of possibilities because the sense of sight is willing to succumb to optical illusions. The eye is much easier to cheat than, for example, the sense of touch.

Put on white and light shades

The smaller the room – especially without access to natural light – the lighter colours it is worth arranging them with. All shades of white should work well here – from snowy and pearly through stone tones tinted with ash and sand, to white with the addition of warm pigments (e.g. yellow or peach), as well as cool ones (e.g. celadon, blue and grey).

So it was not too steady and calm, consider tiles with different formats and textures. In small bathrooms, both large format boards, horizontally arranged tiles of smaller formats, as well as hexagons and mosaics will work perfectly well.

Pure white brings associations with hospital sterility – so when deciding on it, remember to warm the bathroom decor with an interesting texture or additions which are friendly to the sense of sight and touch. A good and noble companion for white is natural (or ceramic) wood.

White in the glass and structural version looks very impressive. The reflectors illuminate the interior.

White plus grey combination is not only fashionable, but also practical. It is one of the most neutral combinations, thanks to which guests will not feel overwhelmed by the excess of “noisy” colours. Depending on the sanitary ceramics and accessories used, white and grey can be used to create interiors in various styles.

kolekcja NEVE Bianco 25x75 cm, Ceramika Paradyż
An interesting functional arrangement means that even a small bathroom can be very comfortable.

White, shiny glaze, thin lines, and horizontal layout of tiles – effectively expand the space of a small bathroom.

Apply darker accents

In small bathrooms, pure white and subdued, light shades may seem a bit bland. If you add light darker accents to them, you will add spaciousness to the interior. In this role, for instance, fashionable industrial metal frames, equipment and accessories will be perfect.

White brick on the wall, darker floor and light black additions will make the bathroom seem bigger.

Use MIRRORS – space multipliers

The mirror is a master of illusion. Skilfully used, it allows you to multiply space two times (sometimes even more). Used on the whole wall surface (preferably without frames), optically doubles the surface. Applied in selected places, it works with power proportional to the mirror surface.

You can read how to use the mirrors in the bathroom, here.

White tiles and ceramic boards + wide mirror and bright green – here are some magnifying tricks used in one room.

Remember about reflections

Shiny surfaces and materials reflect light like a mirror. You can boldly apply them on large surfaces, using shiny glaze ceramic tiles. You can also use them in ornaments – for example in the form of metallised ceramic stripes, mosaics or metal hangers, lamps, etc.

Even black tiles can act like a mirror, enlarging the space of a small bathroom.

White broken with bright grey, shiny lamps and an interesting hexagonal mosaic? Yes!

Operate with light

Light – the fourth dimension of architecture – has much more power in shaping space than other factors. By using just the light reflected on the ceiling and illuminating the corners, you will make the cramped room look larger. Remember, of course, about the good, symmetrical lighting of the face at the mirror. This is not only a requirement of regulations, but also one of the determinants of comfort. It’s good to make a perfect makeup and look great any time.

Contrasting “lifting” belt

If the hotel bathroom you arrange is not very shapely, you can visually improve its proportions, using, among others, lines, colours, light, decorations, and mirrors.

If the bathroom you design seems low, you can use the “lifting” treatment of the interior. Cover the ceiling with a lighter colour (or light it effectively). Choose a contrasting colour and definitely pull the belt up. You can separate out a functional zone in this way. The bright bathroom space will not suffer, and the room will visually gain in height.


Hotel bathroom in the attic

If you design a bathroom with a roof window which pours in the bathroom a lot of sunlight, the task is much easier – the lighting makes the interior look much bigger. It is worth emphasising this brightening effect with bright ceramics – white glaze and tiles which resemble natural wood will perfectly carry out this task.

White and wood – a naturally warm combination which works well in small bathrooms.

Bottom darker than the top

In tiny interiors, the treatment of placing very light shades above the line of sight, and slightly darker below this line, also works. When designing a small hotel bathroom, you can also consider this solution – especially if the object is maintained in a classic style.

Elegant blacks for the brave

If you design an exclusive property for guests with unconventional, sophisticated tastes, you can also consider the dark bathroom decor. Elegant blacks, deep graphites and shades of bitter chocolate will add chic to the interiors and emphasise the class of the object.

You can find more about the dark colours in the here.

Use all available space

If the standard of the hotel which represents your facility does not prohibit this, consider combining the bathroom part with the rest of the hotel room. It has been known for many years by world hotels, extremely popular in matrimonial rooms, “the single” and double rooms used by one guest.

This bold combination solves several aspects in one go: it makes the sleeping and living space larger, as does the bathroom space, which additionally gains access to natural light. This solution also allows you to save space taken up by partition walls and classic doors. Glazing – transparent or partially matt – will successfully replace the full wall, it will also stop the moisture in the bathroom.


The bedroom combined with the bathroom visually enlarges the space of both rooms and allows you to “splurge” with darker colours.


You can visually enlarge a small hotel bathroom in many ways:

  • Choose white and light shades for its arrangement
  • Introduce light contrast elements in darker colours to the bathroom.
  • Skilfully use mirrors which allow you to multiply space.
  • Use reflections – glossy glaze, equipment, and metallized decorations.
  • Take care of the interior proportions and, if necessary, use booster tricks.
  • If possible – connect the bedroom space with the bathroom.

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