Hotel – a place we use by our own choice, when going on vacation, or out of sheer necessity, when we need to spend the night in another city for professional purposes. In the hotel bathroom, guests should feel at ease and, most importantly, comfortable. So it must be cosy, pleasant, impeccably clean, and fragrant.
Regardless of the number of hotel stars and the size of the bathroom, it has to be both functional and aesthetic. The way of arranging the bathroom space also says everything about the treatment of the hotel guests.
So how to make the guests happy, providing them with memorable impressions, complying with the effective provisions concerning utility objects, and at the same time facilitating the work of the hotel service? You will find the answers to all these questions below.

Legal frame. Obligatory reading before you start designing a hotel bathroom

The requirements for hotel bathrooms are specified in the “Ordinance of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 19 August 2004 on hotel facilities and other facilities in which hotel services are provided”.

Therefore, before you make the first design sketches, check carefully all the records regarding the mandatory requirements for the standard of the hotel for which you design. Remember that there are other guidelines for the so-called sanitary and hygienic unit at the public area and others for the sanitary and hygiene units at the so-called residential units. What is more, the so-called apartment units must have – apart from a bedroom with a bathroom – an additional toilet in the entrance area.

While the records on the necessary basic equipment for bathrooms in different class are the same, the supplementary entries specify details such as the presence of personal scales and a bathing robe (and since they are required in five-star facilities, a special place must be provided for them).

Remember about the user – functionality above all

When designing any usable space, we have to look at it from the perspective of the person who will be using it. What kind of character will the object have? Who will be its main guests? How does the investor determine the profile of a hotel’s client? These are the most important guidelines which give direction to the creative work of the architect. In one way we will arrange an exclusive space for businessmen or seniors, in the other for those in love, and yet in another for families with children in the “economic” standard. And this does not apply solely to the degree of exclusivity and design of the interiors, but also to their usefulness.

The guests’ comfort is of the paramount importance. In the hotel bathroom, all pieces of equipment should be easily accessible and they should also work without complain. The most significant are the functions of each element. Does the bathroom layout allow for freedom of movement? Is the mirror well lit by the top or side light source and fixed in a suitable way? Is the toilet bowl at the correct height? Does the shower screen protect the towels from being splashed? Does the rug near the bathtub remain unmoved on the surface of the tiles? You need to answer these and hundreds of related questions in advance.

Esten Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Optimal use of space, ergonomics, adequate lighting, and easiness to keep clean – this is the minimum necessary in a hotel bathroom. Elegance, original structures and decorations – this is an addition which is memorable and which creates positive recollections.

Easiness to maintain hygiene and cleanliness

Hygiene issues must be taken especially seriously. When entering a hotel room, it is nice to have the impression that we are the first guests who will be using it. The bathroom should be sparkling clean. And designed so that the hotel service could quickly bring it to such a state before the arrival of the next guests. At the stage of designing, it is worth eliminating any unnecessary things on which dust and dirt can accumulate. When choosing ceramic tiles, it pays to put on patterns with rectified edges, because the thinner the grout, the lower the risk of stubborn dirt.

Naturstone Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The rectified edges of ceramic tiles make it easier to keep the bathroom clean. Three different types of lighting (natural, upper, and side) shape the space. In the picture: the collection of rectified tiles NATURSTONE , 59.8×59.8 cm and 29.8×109.8 cm.

Impersonally or imaginatively?

The categorisation framework enforces numerous limitations. However, they do not have to inhibit the creating process. On the contrary – they are an interesting challenge for creative architects, thanks to which you can go beyond the accepted standard in accordance with the number of stars in a hotel facility.

The creative “madness” of the architect should, however, take into account that hotel guests should feel comfortable. They cannot be overwhelmed by any intrusive excess. Apart from objects adapted to the niche audiences with extreme tastes, where for example a flamboyant style can be very desirable, usually a pleasant neutrality prevails in the hotel bathrooms. Owing to this, it is easier to emphasise the key role of a hotel guest in it, not the other way round.

Opt for bright tiles

Bright, illuminated colours increase the space and are favourably received by guests. That is why the bathroom design trend with bright ceramic tiles is always alive. Neutrality does not necessarily mean boredom. The calm colours can have many dimensions – from smooth to ornamented, stone and concrete greys, mild geometries and wood. Here you can encapsulate all styles – from the classics, through minimalism, eco, to vintage and glamour.

Mistral Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The bathing salon in a big-city hotel is full of glow thanks to the reflections of light on the polished tiles from MISTRAL collection.

Muro Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
White, ceramic bricks of MURO collection and a few characteristic accessories will make this place positively remembered by all its guests.

Stone City Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
A coherent combination of the appearance of stone, wood, and structural waves remains neutral despite its clarity.

Wawel Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Even the expressive style of the bathroom can remain unobtrusive.

Good lighting is essential

Light creates space. It has a greater impact on the overall interior reception than any other factor. Number of light sources, their colour, power, place of placing – here everything matters.

Surely, it is best when we have natural sunlight at our disposal. In the standard hotel rooms, we rarely can afford this luxury, because the bathrooms are located in the back of the building. In turn, in hotel apartments, bathing rooms with a window are not something uncommon.
Thorno Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
An exclusive bathing salon requires space, excellent quality of each piece of equipment, as well as something extra – for example, a breathtaking view from the window. In the photo: THORNO Beige collection, 16×98.5 cm and 21.5×98.5 cm.

Plan an illuminated mirror zone

Apart from the lighting which provides security and basic insight into space, the mirror zone is also enormously important. A mirror has to be illuminated by the top or side light so that it allows for the easy performance of the activities which involve concentration and precision. This requirement is specified in the regulations, as is the presence of a shelf or countertop.

Tel Awiv Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The symmetrical illumination of the mirror zone has a positive effect on the mirror image and thus on the well-being of guests. Horizontal illumination of the spray zone exposes the tile structure.

Innovative combination of a bedroom with a bathroom

The combined spaces of the room and bathroom, separated by a partition which permeates the light, are becoming more and more popular. This is the designers’ response to the habits of guests, taken from their comfortable homes.

Elia Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Separating the bathroom from the bedroom only with a glass partition, introduces natural light into it and enlarges the space. The use of the same finishing materials in both places enhances this effect.

Elia Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The bathroom, perfectly lit by natural light from the bedroom windows, takes on a whole new dimension, enlarging the room’s space.

Take into account the needs of disabled people

You cannot forget about the needs of people with limited motor functions. For every 50 residential units there must be a minimum of 1 adapted to the needs of disabled people. These people must also be able to use the bathrooms freely in the public area.

Perla Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The TIGUA collection (Bianco and Grys), available in the following formats: 29.8 x 59.8 cm, 29.8 x 119.8 cm, 59.8 x 119.8 cm – a good choice for the hotel utility spaces.

Take care of integrity with the rest of the hotel’s space

You cannot think of a hotel bathroom other than as an integral part of the entire hotel. Coherence of style, standard of elements used, aesthetic dominants – all of this should be taken into account.

Neve Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Compact use of space, bright décor, and original accents (washbasin, mirror) guarantee convenience and provide guests with a positive experience.

Neve Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
The reception area is a preview of the style and standard prevailing throughout the whole facility.


  1. Designing a hotel bathroom is subject to categorisation requirements which you need to know and subsequently apply.
  2. The legal framework does not have to be a limitation for the architect’s creativity.
  3. Caring for the user’s convenience, namely functionality is in the first place.
  4. Ceramic tiles brightening the interior is the best choice for a hotel bathroom.
  5. Good lighting builds the bathroom space.
  6. Illumination of the mirror in hotel facilities is obligatory.
  7. A bedroom and a bathroom can be combined thanks to the use of transparent partitions, visually enlarging the entire space.
  8. Ease of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a prerequisite when choosing any of the elements of decor and equipment.
  9. The bathroom space is integrally connected with the rest of the hotel space, so it should be consistent with it.

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