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Products combining the most beautiful design with uncompromising quality.

PARADYŻ collections inspire to look at interiors boldly and unconventionally. Patterns with refined design are made for non-standard interiors. They are created with a fresh look at the modern style, frequently in cooperation with renowned designers. Thanks to that, they add fashionable touch to top-tier global design in an effective and inventive way. This makes interiors designed using PARADYŻ products full of bold, unconventional arrangements and unique patterns deriving straight from the latest trends.
The result is always beautiful, enchanting with boldness and individual style.
Going off script and opting for innovative solutions makes it easier to create interiors where you can experience perfect aesthetics every day. This is how unique space filled with far-from-obvious elegance and style is created.
Paradyż Paradyż Paradyż

Paradyż Classica

Proven quality and elaborate patterns for affordable prices.

PARADYŻ Classica is a new brand from Ceramika Paradyż portfolio, delighting with the diversity of patterns and structures, but also with its very broad offering. All collections match each other and create ready-to-use, harmonious solutions. The diversity of colours, motifs and surface types in individual patterns makes it possible to adapt them to any interior irrespective of its size or intended use. Beauty, subtle aesthetics, universal use and cutting-edge technology offer a combination which will not only guarantee end-to-end functionality but also add unique atmosphere and nature to the entire design. Balanced and proven patterns of this collection help to create nice, atmospheric interiors.
Reliable, ready-made solutions were designed for you to be able to take them right away to your interiors or to combine them freely, to create space perfectly matching various needs, tastes and lifestyles.
PARADYŻ Classica is an idea for creating classy interiors combining quality, comfort and timeless style.
Why PARADYŻ Classica?

Ready-made solutions

Every inspiration from PARADYŻ Classica can be moved to new interiors right away. The suggested combinations of base tiles and decors will fit in different space types, highlighting their values and emphasizing their most wonderful properties. This makes this offer universal and suitable for various spaces, including indoor and outdoor ones, as well as walls and floors. Moreover, it offers a complete range of design opportunities based on proven, valued ideas.

Reasonable investments

PARADYŻ Classica is a reliable and proven collection offering. The multitude of colours and unwavering interest of customers allows to produce them on a mass scale and for an affordable price. The combination of those advantages with top quality guarantees reliability  and durability for many years. Economical and reasonable approach to investments offers joy and undisturbed comfort of using your dream interiors.

Consistent collections

All PARADYŻ Classica collections can be combined freely to create
own, unique combinations. The tile patterns inspired by stone, concrete or wood and their sizes complement one another, offering high designing freedom. Now, every interior can be unique and can correspond to the needs and tastes of its residents.

Interiors with wonderful atmosphere

Carefully designed, subdued patterns of PARADYŻ
Classica allow to design cosy interiors. This helps to make any space individual in the selected style. Thanks to the timeless design, the entire interior gets wonderful atmosphere where you can feel free and comfortable for years.