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Celebration Edition

Jubilee collections 30x90 cm that will take you on a journey around the world.

Embark with us on a journey you have been waiting for a long time. New, unknown places will reveal to you their most beautiful aspects, and familiar places will show what has not yet been discovered. On the way, step by step, you can discover, explore and experience. Wherever you get, you will encounter various, very different landscapes. What connects them is nature and people, who keep being inspired by it. The treasures of the Earth are impressive and they make the world beautiful, unique and diverse. Find there the place that will be closest to you. The one with which you will be in full symbiosis. The one where you will feel at home.

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Co warto o nich wiedzieć?

Wyjątkowe kolory, niezwykłe struktury i zdecydowane zdobienia inspirowane miejscami z całego świata - to właśnie wyróżnia kolekcje Celebration Edition. Bogactwo ich elementów pozwoli na dopasowanie do wnętrz w różnym stylu, od klasycznego i minimalistycznego, przez loftowy do glamour. Poznaj kolekcje i daj się zainspirować!

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