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The warmth of Spanish oak

The Roble collection, inspired by the primal beauty of raw wood, is a proposition for everyone who values warm and natural colours in their interiors. The tiles, which perfectly reproduce the structure of wood, are characterised by their large dimensions of 29.4 x 180 centimetres, making them a perfect solution for an open space in a modern house in the suburbs, giving you an impressively uniform surface. The matte glazing of the 19.8 x 119.8 and 19.4 x 90-centimetre tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern will be a trendy finish to an apartment in a large city. Roble, which is Spanish for an oak, inspired a series of tiles in natural colours (Beige, Naturale, Ochra, Brown) that will warm up any interior, no matter how modern it is.

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