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Meisha / Garam  

  • Bathroom
  • Terrace and balcony

Alladin’s lamp

Do you have three wishes for your bathroom? We will grant them! Would you like to capture the most beautiful colors of the earth warmed by the sun’s rays in your bathroom? Now you can! Is your second wish to change your bathroom into something similar to Alladin’s palace? There you go! Finally, the third wish - make it all durable and safe to use in an environment with lots of water. Granted! How did we do it? We used the Meisha/Garam collection which makes all these dreams real. The combination of white, beige and brown colors with beautiful, geometric and gilded patterns will turn your bathroom into a most beautiful fairytale palace. Don’t be afraid to dream!

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Meisha/Garam Beige - bathroom tiles with tiny geometric pattern

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