Brick, especially the classic one – in shades of red, is associated with durability, stability, and centuries-old tradition. As an arrangement material, brick is still being rediscovered. In this article, we will take a closer look at seven ceramic and clinker ideas, inspired by brick in various forms.

The timeless form of bricks belongs to the aesthetic canons that never age. The “true”, fired brick has a large mass and volume. It looks beautifully when unobstructed or only partially exposed in the old buildings. However, the use of brick in its natural form in typical apartments, finished with plaster or plasterboard, would mean partial reduction of the interior’s volume and loss of the valuable usable space, among others.

On the other hand, leaving an external wall raw with exposed brick would not provide adequate thermal insulation of the building.

An attractive, visually faithful alternative to a real brick can be ceramic and clinker collections. Their lightness and ease of assembly make them great for both indoor and elevation use.

Classics and modernity

Owing to the unique appearance of the clinker bricks with permeating reddish earth tones, you can create a dream place for rest and meetings. Such tiles will present themselves perfectly in combination with concrete, simple terrace furniture, and a suitably matched floor. In such a place, there will always be time for casual conversation and a little something. Quite like in northern Italy!

The classic form of clinker bricks harmonises well with modern elements of equipment.

For the lovers of Italian cuisine and Tuscan climates

How to make more days in our climate warm or at least appear warmer? We can add hot red to our surroundings. Both on the elevation and in the interiors of the house. Red brick of the exterior walls – both applied on the entire surface, as well as their fragments, visually warms the entire building.

 In the kitchen, in turn, the warm colour of rectangular bricks will whet the appetite and deepen the taste of the dishes. It will beautifully blend with white, natural wood, and furniture with both modern and classic forms.

Arrangement-pint-terrace-of-plaque-like clinker-brick--taurus-rosa-ceramic-Paradyz
Glazed structural clinker in the shape of rectangular bricks adds a warm glow to both the elevation and the interiors of the house.

The appropriate clinker colour allows you to conjure up a home straight from the Tuscan landscape.

Warm and cosy… just like at home

New construction does not necessarily have to be strict and soulless. The new house, thanks to the elevation and terrace finishing with the clinker collection reflecting the appearance of the old bricks, acquires a noble and at the same time cosy character. The home green ideally combines with the red-earth shade of clinker.

A warm house in red and earth shades? Here, time seems to flow more slowly.

With modesty and elegance

Arrangement-pint-terrace-of-plaque-like clinker-brick--Semir-rosa-ceramic-Paradyz
Modern, simple house shape gains a completely new character thanks to the consistently applied clinker and terrace cladding.

Warm, warmer, hot!

To make it more pleasant to rest and meet with the loved ones, it would be best to keep the colours of the setting sun on the terrace for as long as possible. Large rectangles arranged on vertical planes blend perfectly well with the clinker square tiles. The home green by contrast highlights the saturated colour of the tiles.

It may seem that on such a terrace the sun never sets. Cosy, saturated red warms the atmosphere, regardless of the time of the day or season.

Elegant and dignified

Urban, high-density housing make you look for solutions that emphasise the individual style of the property owner. It is worth giving a personal outline of your own space. If we value the canons of classic elegance, it would seem fine to apply the clinker tiles in the form of bricks. Precise arrangement of tiles on the fence, along with the order prevailing around the house, will perfectly express our taste.

Traditionally and with dignity. The timeless elegance of the brick shape adds class to the property.

White and red – a perfect combination

White and saturated, red brick is one of the most impressive combinations. These two strong colours will do to give the character to the space. The red brick contrasts sharply with the whiteness of the walls. And if we use the form of bricks in a decorative function, the effect will surely be remembered by our guests.

The use of the shape of bricks on the pillars and in the corners impressively decorates the space.

Bigger bricks for a bigger effect

Surely, the red brick has many formats. We can also choose a slightly larger one, in the 8.1×30 cm format (e.g. from the Cotto Naturale collection). The larger elevation brick perfectly harmonises with the floor clinker 30×30 cm and all the other elements (including the plinths and stair treads). And the aesthetic effect – would hit you like a ton of bricks J

Why is it worth choosing a clinker inspired by the appearance of a brick?

  1. The brick shape of the clinker and ceramic tiles belongs to the timeless, non-aging forms.
  2. Warm colours of red – both in the pure forms and the mélange ones with earth tones, bring a warm, cosy atmosphere to the interior and space around the house.
  3. The form of bricks usually carries an emotional message of durability, order, modest elegance, and respect for tradition.
  4. Complete sets of clinker collections, with elevation and stair system, allow for unlimited space arrangement.
  5. The red brick perfectly combines with white and the shades of grey, as well as with the natural space surrounding the buildings.
  6. Skilfully applied, red brick can also be successfully used in arrangements with a modern character.

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