Interior design is a search for unusual solutions which give places a unique style and look. The character of a house, however, is shaped not only by furniture or elements of equipment, but above all by its family members. But what if every room could reflect the passions, dreams, and tastes of the owners, at the same time without disturbing the arrangement consistency of the whole house? An interesting way to create individual decorative elements are prints on the glass. The combination of this material with an individual design makes such graphics great for both classic and modern interiors.

druk na szkle

A dream home, in other words pictures on the glass

The print on the glass allows you to create interiors which fully reflect the character of the family members, embrace their style, and show their interests and passions. The use of this decorative element is a great way to enliven the space and give it a personal touch. The graphics on the glass can be prepared for an individual order or according to the ready pattern. The most popular motifs used in printing on the glass are:

  • Landscapes and monuments
  • Paintings and works of art
  • Animal themes
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Famous characters
  • Abstract patterns and figures

Surely, the most original will be unique works – made both by the family members, as well as by graphic artists, drafters, painters, and photographers.

Different designs can be placed on the glass – almost without restrictions, because the printing technology allows for faithful consolidation of complex colours, intricate patterns, and the smallest details. Of course, the pattern needs to be well thought out, adapting to the overall style of the room and its functions.

If there is no corresponding motif among the ready ones, it is possible to make an individual design. It can be a family photo, your own graphic composition or a photo of a place which has impressed you favourably. In the children’s room, you can use the motives from some favourite fairy tales or create a glass depicting a drawing made by your child.

Own images mean more to the household members than others. The holiday landscape for our guests printed on the glass will probably be a beautiful decoration – for us, it will also be a memory of the happiest moments.

What print on the glass in the living room?

Modern black and white pictures of cities, minimalist graphics or photos of famous characters will perfectly match the modern living room.

oszczędny motyw schodów
Minimalistic interiors are perfect for monochromatic, cost-effective motifs. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

wielkomiejskie biurowce
Metropolitan office buildings are photogenic and extremely elegant. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

In a traditional living room, you can try interesting landscapes, paintings or atmospheric pictures, filling this place with good energy.

piaskowa cegła i efektowne cienie
Sand brick, light scattered with blinds and eye-catching shadows – such photography on the glass can bring a warm mood to any interior. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

Peace and delicacy in bedroom

A bedroom is a special place in the house. We relax there after a busy day, we gain energy, and we wake up to the challenges of the next days. A calm landscape in the bedroom will help calm down before bedtime and gentle hasty mornings. A gallery of romantic memories from common trips will bring back fond memories. Regardless of what image we choose, it is important that all users of the bedroom adore it.

delikatne pejzaże świetnie
Delicate landscapes will look great in the bedroom, and sometimes also in the traditional living room. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

piękno kobiecego ciała
The beauty of the female body, metaphorically treated, will work as a bathroom or bedroom decoration. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

kłódki na znak wiecznej miłości
Couples who hung the padlock as a sign of eternal love – whether in Paris, Wrocław or Bydgoszcz – they would look with sentiment on such a theme. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

Children’s fantasies and youthful passions

In children’s and teenagers’ rooms, the world is changing more dynamically than anywhere else. Last year’s idols are replaced by new ones, just like more and more new hobbies. Since the print on the glass is a very durable medium, it is worth choosing a decorative motif so that it stays up-to-date despite children growing up.

uchwycone obiektywem elementy street art
A teenager’s room can use, for example, street art elements captured with a lens. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

sportowe pasje dziecięce
Children’s passions do not necessarily mean posters with idols. It can be your own, unobvious sports shot which will not lose its relevance for a long time. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

Moody and tastefully in the kitchen

The graphics on the glass in the kitchen can present not only an appetizing dish or a composition of spices which we are keen on. It’s really worth it to be something more personal. It may be a photo from a tiny fishing village on the Atlantic, where we ate the most delicious fish and seafood in the world. 

wioska rybacka
Nothing improves the appetite like memories of wonderful flavours in beautiful places – for instance, in a fishing village, where we ate the most delicious fish in the world. Fig. Hanna Tarasiewicz

Regardless of where we place the images printed on the glass, it is important that the whole is as compatible as possible with our style. Owing to this, we will not get bored with it and the print will fit into, even if we introduce more radical changes in the interior design.

Glass boards

An ideal solution for organized people who value order above all will be to create a board for writing notes. Thanks to the use of special markers, the print on the glass can be used to create a shopping list, divide home duties or leave messages for the rest of the household members.

przykład realizacji druku na szkle
Fig. An example of printing on glass. The power of words is invaluable – on the glass you can put motivating motto or quote from your favourite author.

In addition to being used as an image hanging on the wall in every part of the house, we can apply the printout on the glass as:

1. large format panel on the wall of the shower cabin
2. a plate which protects the wall above the kitchen counter
3. glass cover on the table or desk
4. wall decoration placed behind the head of the bed
5. board for notes or messages for household members
6. fronts of cabinets

ogromny obraz z modnym filodendronem
A huge picture with a fashionable philodendron can be an element which brightens an elegant, dark bathroom. Fig. Katarzyna Czechowicz

Durable originality

Professionally made wall mural on the glass is not only an interesting, but also durable element of the interior design. The print can be made on the single or laminated glass: the choice of material depends on its intended use and the place where it is to be located. In the case of glass panels mounted on the wall of the shower cabin, cabinet fronts or protection of countertops, where the glass is exposed to damage and the influence of external factors, it is recommended to choose a laminate. The laminated pane consists of two or more layers, combined with a special foil, thanks to thermal treatment. This is why laminated glass is thicker and more durable. For a pane with a thickness of 8 mm (composed of two layers with a thickness of 4 mm), the obtained safety level is 3 / B / 3 according to PN-EN 12600: 2004.

The durability of photo wallpapers on the glass is determined not only by the resistance to damage, but also the resistance to the effect of sunlight. Traditional wallpaper loses colour and fades over time, making it looks unaesthetically. This is especially the case in places exposed to sunlight, such as a living room or kitchen. When it comes to the graphics on the glass, the colours remain vivid and saturated. An additional asset of the photo on the glass is also resistance to dirt. This is especially important in the case of glass on the kitchen wall, where it is not difficult to get stains. The material is quickly cleaned and you do not need to use specialized chemicals for it.

The high resistance of glass makes it ideal to be used also in the bathroom. Humidity of the air and high temperature will not negatively affect the photo wallpaper and will not damage it. The print on the glass allows the use of individual and more complex patterns than traditional ceramic tiles, which guarantees an original interior design.

Appropriate preparation of graphics on the glass

Specialist glass printing is done by placing pigment nanoparticles on the panes, thanks to which the colours remain saturated and the graphics are distinct. In order to achieve this effect, you need a properly prepared photo for printing in high quality: to perform a print on the glass with an individual design, they must be further processed graphically. The size and resolution of the photo play a key role here. If the graphics is of poor quality, smudged or blurred parts of the image will appear on the print.

The size should be adapted to the format of the glass. In the case of digital printing, the maximum sheet size is 1.5 m x 2.4 m. When the glass is to cover a larger area, it is possible to combine several fragments, but then the graphics must be cut precisely to the appropriate dimensions.

Graphic adjustment is only necessary if you use your own photo on the glass. The use of ready-made motifs does not involve any additional work, as all elements have already been adapted to the printing specifications.

The effect of a glass, decorative surface can also be obtained using glassware with a ceramic tile format.

Glass decorations can be an aesthetic dominant in the interior.

Printing precision

Obtaining the highest print quality requires not only proper graphics, but also knowledge of printing techniques and appropriate materials. Before applying pigments, each glass pane must be properly prepared. Colourless materials with reduced iron content are used to create glass graphics. This means that the glass on which the photo is applied is not greenish, characteristic of its other types. Precision and professionalism are important when printing, but also when adapting glass to technical requirements. In the case when the tile is to be placed on the wall or on the front of the cabinets, it is possible to cut out holes for sockets or handles in it. Special tools are used to make them, which minimizes the risk of damage. These specialized services can be ordered, for instance, at:

The final effect of the print is determined not only by the production of graphics on the glass, but also its assembly. You can use glue for ceramic tiles to attach the tile or place the panels on special mounting elements, such as rails or spacers. The method of fixing depends on the size of the glass and the place where it is to be located.

It is important that the assembly is carried out precisely and with due diligence, especially if one graphic has been placed on several panels (even the smallest offset can spoil the final effect). For mounting graphics on the glass, it is best to choose an experienced and proven team who deals with laying tiles and delicate decorative elements on a daily basis.

Let’s summarise the advantages of graphics on the glass:

  • High printing quality, which allows to preserve even the smallest details of the photo.
  • Easy cleaning. The glass is durable and can be cleaned with various chemical agents.
  • Surface durability. It is possible to print on the laminated glass, more resistant to damage.
  • Decoration for years. Photo printed on the glass is resistant to sunlight or dirt, so that the graphics will not be destroyed over the years.
  • Originality. Creating an individual project guarantees that the interior of the house will be one of a kind.

Useful tips:

  • If you like frequent changes, choose a graphic in a subdued colour or with a classic motif. Owing to this, the picture on the glass will match the interior, even after its thorough metamorphosis.
  • Glass is resistant to dirt and the influence of external factors. It will be then ideally suited to places exposed to dirt, bacteria, and moisture.
  • You do not have to copy ideas of others. Digital print on the glass allows you to create finishing elements with your own graphics. Remember, however, that for a print to look good, the photo must be of the right size and good quality.
  • Choose laminated glass, if the panel will be in a place susceptible to damage, like a desk or panel on the wall of the shower cabin.
  • Placing several panes of glass side by side allows you to create an impressive graphic depicting a panoramic view of your favourite city or abstract themes.
  • The ability to put any graphics on the glass makes the photo wallpapers a universal finishing element which fits both traditional and modern interiors.

Are you interested in graphics on the glass?

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