Hygge is a mood, a state of happy harmony, being here and now, trust in people and a place in which we currently are. It’s a feeling of safety and coziness. Hygge is a lifestyle. Modesty, functionality, and no rush. Little everyday joys, warmth, and an overwhelming feeling of cordiality.

Home is hygge’s main dwelling”*

Home is where we experience most hygge. We are constantly affected by the space. We cannot detach ourselves from it and “switch off”, which is why it’s a good idea to shape it in a manner that would enhance our feeling of well-being every day.

Bathroom is an intimate place which should be especially taken care of. It’s where we are alone with ourselves, hidden from the world’s eyes and judgement.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Adilio / Rivo colleciton, Hygge.
Bright colors, light arrangement, several sources of warm light, natural wood, and nature motifs – it’s a recipe for a hygge style bathroom. Ceramika Paradyż’s Adilio / Rivo colleciton.

How much time do we spend in the bathroom?

Morning routine, evening bath time rituals before going to bed, “technical” visits during the day. It’s a time for relaxation, cleansing, beauty care and routines, and… time to smile at oneself in the mirror.

Bright colors, natural motifs, and a matching soft lighting foster internal tranquility, coziness, and “hyggenation” of the space.

Even in a small bathroom, it’s a great idea to use several sources of lighting, which give a more hygge feeling than a ceiling lamp. Using accessories made of natural wood also brings us close to nature and helps achieve the state of internal harmony. The bathroom then becomes a pleasant and comfortable place (hyggekrog).

White, earthy colors, wood, and flower motifs

Bright tiles with a subtle structure that gives an impression of painting with light, combined with a delicate flower motif against the background of earth and natural wood-imitating floor – another example of a hygge style bathroom.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Manteia collection, Hygge.
Ceramika Paradyż’s Manteia collection.

Bathroom as a home SPA

Bathroom is a refuge of peace and warmth, especially on cold autumn and winter evenings, when outside the wind is blowing hard, it’s raining heavily, or freezing. If there is enough room, our bathroom may become a home SPA where we regenerate and reenergize ourselves. Warm candlelight, the scent of essential oils, the tranquility of the ceramic tiles “stone”… This is where we breathe deeper, feel more, and think clearer. Everyday worries are cast aside and we get some perspective and stimulate our creativity.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Optimal collection, Hygge.
Home SPA? Why not! Ceramika Paradyż’s Optimal terrace tiles collection.

Intimate and cozy

Joining the bedroom and bathroom together is gathering a growing number of fans. Such interior will truly make you feel “at home”. Natural wood-imitating floor, soft blankets and pillows, favorite books, candles, and warm lights. Here, dreams are colorful, evenings – atmospheric, and mornings – always joyful. You can fully relax and simply be yourself.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Almonte collection, Hygge.
 Arrangement of a bedroom with a bathroom. Ceramika Paradyż’s Almonte collection.

Stone, wood, wool

Soft slippers, warm bathrobe, sheepskin… Touch. The scent of your favorite lotion and fluffy towels. Those details really transform the quality of life and affect our feeling of well-being. Warm wood of the furniture and the natural look of the stone “wooden” ceramic tiles enhance the effect of coziness in your bathroom.

Bathroom opening to the bedroom accentuates another important aspect of hygge: being with other people, one of the most significant determinants of happiness.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Daikiri collection. Hygge,
The look of natural wood and stone, smell of cosmetics, softness of towels. Hygge details make the everyday body care much more pleasant. Ceramika Paradyż’s Daikiri tiles collection.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Daikiri tiles collection, Hygge
Sense of touch as an important factor in creating a huggeligt interior. Pleasant to the touch wood, satin ceramic tiles, softness of the sheepskin, warm slippers. Ceramika Paradyż’s Daikiri tiles collection.

Do you wish to feel hyggeligt in your bathroom?

Go with modesty, functionality, natural colors and designs, nice to touch accessories, pleasant scent, warm light and all those elements that make you feel free and happy. Choose serene toned down ceramic tiles of good quality, which will help you keep your bathroom clean and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful inviting interior.


* Wiking, M. Klucz do szczęścia (eng. The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living), Czarna Owca Publisher, Warsaw, 2016

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