Resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, high durability, and adequate non-slip properties combined with easy cleaning and a wide range of available colors and shapes. Get to know 5 most important qualities of clinker tiles and arrange a trendy and functional terrace that will meet your expectations.

Clinker tiles on the terrace are one of the most commonly chosen solutions for the arrangement of this part of the house. Semir Beige collection,
Ceramika Paradyż.

Physical properties of clinker favor using it on terrace and balcony surfaces which are exposed to the effects of variable weather conditions. Clinker tiles are also often used on outdoor surfaces, such as building elevations, stairs, or window ledges.

Semir Beige collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Clinker tiles are a perfect finishing for window ledges and they are a natural complement for terrace arrangements. Semir Beige collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

Most important qualities

There are 5 the most importat qualities of clinkier tiles:

1. Resistance to unfavorable weather conditions

All clinker products are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. They are characterized by low absorbability (in the range between 0.5 – 3 %), which is why they are considered frost-resistant. Neither humidity nor severe temperature fluctuations affect them. What’s more, not even intensive sunlight can change their appearance.

2. Increased durability

Clinker is a hard material which cannot be easily destroyed or scratched. This means that it is highly wear resistant. This a very significant characteristic, especially for outdoor tiles intended for terraces where the risk of scratching is considerably higher than in traditional rooms. Thanks to those characteristics, clinker tiles are also perfect for exterior stairs.

Taurus Grys collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Fluted clinker treads is a perfect choice for exterior stairs, Taurus Grys collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

3. Non-slip properties

Clinker tiles also perform safety functions. Thanks to their high non-slip properties, they prevent possible falls or slips. A special product with increased non-slip properties are fluted treads which undergo additional treatment consisting in creating subtle (convex on concave) grooves thus making the treads even more slip-resistant.

Semir Rosa collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Clinker floor tiles with the structure that provide additional non-slip properties. Semir Rosa collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

4. Easy to keep clean

Thanks to the above-mentioned wear and scratch resistance, clinker tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning agents intended for their care may be bought in any store with household chemical products.

5. Wide range of colors and shapes

Natural esthetics and a wide selection of clinker products are huge advantages of this solution. The color of clinker depends on the raw materials it is made of as well as the print and glaze covering the tiles. Clinker products usually come in various shades of red and brown; however, there are other colors of clinker, such as grey, white, or black, available on the market. The shape of the tiles is also their strong point. Clinker tiles are available in the following formats: squares, diamonds, trapezoids, rectangles (including long clinker bricks), or hexagons.

The offer of clinker tiles is complemented by so-called special elements, such as:

  • ledges
  • plinths
  • straight treads
  • corner treads

Aquarius Brown collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Hexagonal clinker outdoor tiles on the terrace. Aquarius Brown collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

How is clinker made?

Clinker tiles, just like bricks or roof tiles, are principally made of clays that fire to the red color, sand, and other ingredients added in the process of firing in high temperatures of over 11000 C. The manner in which they are manufactured determines their functional and visual properties. Thanks to their brick coloring (usually shades of red, brown, and orange), those tiles are considered a very naturally-looking material.

Not only for the terrace

The wide range of possible uses for clinker tiles is another important characteristic of this kind of tiling. Terrace is just one of the places where clinker tiles may be installed. They are also perfect for interiors where they may be used in kitchens or living rooms (on both floors and walls).
Cotto Naturale Red collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Clinker tiles in a kitchen opening to the terrace. Cotto Naturale Red collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Taurus Grys collection, Ceramika Paradyż.
Grey hexagonal tiles on walls in a modern style living room. Taurus Grys collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

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