Hexagonal extremely practical clinker tiles in a trendy natural color scheme are a great idea for an original arrangement on a modern terrace. Apart from being universal, such hexagons are very durable and visually attractive. They may cover both floors and walls and create a unique atmospheric arrangement in any color scheme.

Inspirations straight from Italy

Narrow cobbled streets, picturesque spots bathing in the rays of the sun, and café tables where a glass of wine taste so exceptional. Unique Italy offers tourists plenty of unforgettable attractions. If you want to recreate this specific atmosphere on your terrace, go with hexagonal clinker tiles in warm colors. Their cozy nature will be additionally accentuated by the color shading (one of the latest trends, ombre effect), whereas the shape reminding a honey comb will stand out against standard square tiles usually installed on terraces.

Hexagonal clinker tiles with a warm shade go perfectly with both rustic and modern arrangements. A terrace with this kind of flooring can be complemented with wicker furniture set; however, simple glass garden furniture will also look very favorably here.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Aquarius collection.
Atmospheric terrace arrangement with the use of warmly-colored hexagonal tiles. Shaded ombre effect gives a three-dimensional impression. Ceramika Paradyż’s Aquarius collection.

Scandinavian minimalism in an unusual version

Inspirations for terrace arrangements may also come from the Scandinavian style which is a strongly developing trend in interior design. Grey hexagonal tiles will effectively accentuate minimalism, its principal characteristic. Shaded hexagons will not only add three-dimensional appearance but are a striking decoration of a minimalistic Scandinavian style terrace in themselves.

An interesting move which will give the terrace arrangement individual character will be covering the house elevation with hexagonal clinker tiles, for example, half way up. Such solution will make the terrace automatically cozier in spite of cold coloring of the tiles, furniture, or accessories.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Taurus collection.
Minimalistic terrace arrangement with the use of grey shaded hexagonal tiles, created based on the Scandinavian trend. Ceramika Paradyż’s Taurus collection.

Atmosphere of creative Berlin districts

Berlin is a city that certainly knows how to use the potential which on one hand lies in the creativity of young people and, on the other hand, in the multiculturalism of its inhabitants. It’s thanks to this that little restaurants, cafes, and crafts shops full of intimate atmosphere are emerging in many districts of the German capital. Their interior arrangements are examples of liberty and dominance of simplicity. If you have a preference for this kind of atmosphere, you can arrange your terrace in a similar manner. To achieve that, use shaded hexagonal ombre-style tiles combining saturated reds and deep graphite.

The extraordinary juxtaposition of colors makes a great combination with the green of the garden and dark wood which can be introduced into the arrangement in the form of furniture, well housing, or grill. Austere and cold graphite broken with vivid red is the quintessence of elegance in a relaxed unaggressive version.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Semir collection.
Elegance and ease – an arrangement with hexagonal clinker tiles, perfect for a terrace. Ceramika Paradyż’s Semir collection. 

Hexagonal clinker tiles – durability for years

Clinker tiles are a perfect choice for the arrangement of exterior surfaces, such as floors, terraces, balconies, or elevations. Their excellent parameters are a guarantee of a long-lasting use without losing tiles’ color or texture. It’s interesting to know that the manufacture of clinker is performed in two different ways as a result of which we obtain drawn or pressed clinker. The latter one has particularly many advantages:

  • Pressed clinker is extremely dirt-resistant (thanks to the texture obtained in the production process), which means that it does not require very frequent repeated maintenance.
  • Thanks to its tight structure, pressed clinker also possesses very low water absorbance, which diminishes the risk related to the blasting of the floor or elevation by the frozen water.
  • Pressed clinker has a higher mechanical resistance and a greater resistance to imprint abrasion than drawn clinker.

Hexagonal clinker tiles. Ceramika Paradyż’s Aquarius, Taurus, and Semir collections.

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