White interiors seem cold, austere, and unfriendly. This is why we are often afraid of them and are always looking for a colour or pattern to complement the white colour – usually a contrasting and distinct one, to soften its brightness and softness as much as possible. But did you know that bright interiors can be stunning, beautiful and… very different? How is this possible? There are several ways to add variety and arrange white rooms in such a way that they become extremely intriguing and surprisingly different. Read how to do it and see the best, most inspiring ideas for white rooms!

White interiors – is it even possible?

It might seem that a room kept mostly or only in white is almost impossible to achieve. Firstly, there are so many types of white that we are concerned about whether the different shades of white will go well together. Secondly, we find it hard to imagine such a bright interior. The associations that most often come to mind are: sterility and austerity. Surprisingly, however, the latest work of architects and interior designers, as well as brands associated with the finishing and decorating industry, increasingly feature arrangements in which white is the predominant colour. And they can really enrapture us! See how to decorate white interiors so that they are not monotonous but enchant us with their classic beauty and elegance.

All-white bathroom

On the one hand, white bathrooms are an absolute classic, but on the other hand, they are a source of great concern – first and foremost in terms of the choice of finishing materials, but also in terms of the final effect and use, such as possible problems with keeping the place clean. Fortunately, you can easily deal with all these concerns!

  • Arranging

When you decide to have the white colour play the main role in your bathroom, in the first place choose the base of the arrangement well. In the bathroom, this will most often be ceramic tiles. You have a huge selection of surface types, textures and decorations, so that you can already at this stage determine the style and character of the room. If you want a modern interior, opt for smooth, glossy surfaces. Clear, geometric patterns also work well here. You can easily accentuate the classic style with white moulding and traditional, simple patterns. You can also try out more daring styles, such as glamour. You think that a bright bathroom and glamour style is an unusual combination? Nothing could be further from the truth! Even subtle embellishments and accessories will highlight its stately, refined character. What other decorations will make a white bathroom an exceptionally beautiful interior?

White interiors do not have to be boring – subtle touches such as interesting embellishments can make them unique.
White in the interior can also be varied: with textures, surface types or subtle accessories.

  • Accessories

White interiors are not afraid of bright decorations! Just because you choose a bright flat, it does not mean that only the base can be white. White bathroom fittings, as well as furniture in this colour will go very well with white walls. This will create a consistent, monochromatic interior, which will be optically enlarged thanks to such an arrangement, making it a great choice for small interiors. It is also worth trying out white with different textures – structured tiles or wallpaper can create an interesting play of light and add a 3D effect. You will get the same interesting result if you add glossy elements to white. These can be decoration as well as colours or patterns on wall and floor surfaces.

Glossy patterns look great on white surfaces.
White bathrooms – arrangements to which you add a little more sparkle in the form of glossy accents will beautifully illuminate and enliven the interior.

Of course, to soften the chosen colour scheme a little and add variety to white interiors, reach for more distinct decorations. Let them just be accents, gently emphasising rather than overshadowing the beauty of white in the bathroom. What would be a good choice here? Black shower or bath mixers, individual details in the arrangement, such as the shower frame or lines separating specific usable areas, are small but significant details that will add an intriguing tone to the interior. It will also introduce a certain kind of order and organisation into the white bathroom.

You can decorate white interiors with more distinct colours, but in such a way that they do not overshadow the entire interior.
An interesting and intriguing white bathroom – design inspirations show that this is not a difficult effect to achieve at all!

  • Usage

You do not have to fear that white interiors rule out trouble-free use. Your bathroom will be easy to clean, as long as you choose good-quality products or practical solutions to finish it. The surface of tiles, wallpaper or latex paint is washable, and fittings are now available with special coatings that make them easy to keep clean. These are further arguments in favour of the stateliness and elegance of bright interiors.

White living room

The white living room is the quintessence of chic and classic beauty. However, the range of colours available in the interior design industry has somewhat pushed this colour into the background. Quite wrongly, because a white living room can look really special!

  • Arranging

A bright living room can be… very bright! You have so many possibilities to emphasise and vary the white that you almost do not need any other colours. Finish the white walls in the living room with paint, wallpaper or ceramic tiles with a trendy pattern or texture. Complete a bright living room, especially one in a classic style, with moulding and upholstered furniture. This will bring in an extra, defined atmosphere to the interior. What can be done to prevent a white living room from appearing too monotonous? Add darker furniture elements (e.g. cabinet legs or bench top) and introduce an additional motif, such as wood or stone. White walls in the living room will highlight such details beautifully, making this bright interior much more unconventional.

A white living room is an out-of-the-box but extremely stunning design idea!
If you are afraid of white, soften it with delicate, muted colours or patterns, such as wood and stone.

  • Accessories

The white living room is a place where you will find space for many different accessories and decorations. In addition to the furniture, such as table and sofa, meaning the standard furnishings, you have the opportunity to complete the arrangement with other interesting elements. Glossy surfaces, as well as gold and silver, will fit in wonderfully – they will make the bright living room shine even more. In a relatively larger area than the bathroom, you could try adding a darker floor or a similar colour accent on the wall.

Contrasting elements will make the white living room display its bright colours even more beautifully.
If white is going to be the predominant colour in the living room, then you can add glossy accents, for example in gold and silver.

  • Usage

Large white surfaces will be an ideal base and a practical choice for the living room. Keeping them clean, due to the available properties of the products, should not cause any problems either. To warm up the space a little, add textile accessories such as curtains or a rug – apart from being a visual aspect, they will also make a white living room less prone to dirt.

White interiors are a great way to create elegant, luminous spaces. A white bathroom or white living room will be cosy, warm and unique. Try it at your home!

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