The bathroom is a place which you should pay special attention to when designing it. The bathroom must be a well-insulated, ventilated and effectively heated space. Design errors can result in the appearance of mildew in wet, cold places from which it is difficult to evaporate moisture. How to warm the bathroom both effectively and comfortably for the residents?


In newly built residential buildings, floor heating in the bathroom (and also outside it) is becoming a standard. It works perfectly well with low-temperature heating systems, such as a heat pump or a condensing boiler.

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Almost every ceramic tile

is suitable for floor heating systems – both electric, water, and air type. Ceramics perfectly conducts heat (incomparably better than wood or panels), which helps to optimise heating costs. Under the influence of heat, ceramic tiles do not deform and do not break; they are also resistant to moisture.

The evenly heated floor is pleasant to the bare feet

The format, pattern, texture, and tile design are all irrelevant. Both large format ceramic tiles, big, medium and small sized tiles, rectangular, square czy hexagonal will work perfectly well on floor heating. They can be made in the following technologies: clinker, monocottura and porcelain (glazed or unglazed).

The varied format of floor tiles is not an obstacle to installation on floor heating.

Ceramic parquet or ceramic boards will therefore be as efficient to conduct heat as tiles with the appearance of natural stone or concrete

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Ceramic boards not only add cosiness to interiors but they can also physically heat them thanks to floor heating.

Each centimetre worth its weight in gold

In small bathrooms in block of flats or single family houses, every square centimetre counts. Therefore, it is worth giving up “ordinary” radiators in them for solutions which make the most use of space, combining several functions. Heated floor? Great idea. Radiator with the drying towels function? An equally good idea. A warm wall in the bathroom? Absolutely yes. The wall can have a temperature of up to 35ºC when the floor temperature cannot exceed 29ºC. Owing to such solutions, we save a precious place in the bathroom.

Laundry and drying room in a small bathroom

In blocks of flats, the bathroom often acts as a laundry and drying room. It must therefore “bear” additional moisture from drying textiles. The floor heating also works great here – the heat coming out of it is evenly distributed over the whole space and rises upwards.

What to pay attention to when installing tiles on the floor heating in the bathroom?

The installation of ceramic tiles on floor heating does not differ much from their “regular” laying. It is important to select certified adhesive mortars and welds, clearly marked as possible for use on floor heating. What is equally important are the experience of the assembly team, maintaining proper dilatation (allowing for natural shrinkage and expansion of materials), and respecting the recommendations of the adhesives and grout manufacturers. It is also important to apply the adhesive on the entire surface of the tiles so as to avoid the formation of free air spaces (creating unnecessary thermal insulation).

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Floor heating does not interfere with any style and will enhance the comfort of living in any interior.


  1. Heating the bathroom is a matter of adequate comfort, health and cost optimization.
  2. Floor heating in the bathroom saves space and effectively remove excess moisture from the floor.
  3. Floor heating in the bathroom is suitable for any floor tiles made in porcelain, monocottura, or clinker technologies.
  4. Design, colour, and format of ceramic tiles do not affect the heating efficiency – so you can choose them according to your taste.
  5. For installation of tiles on floor heating, it is worth choosing an experienced team that will apply the required dilatation and adhesives and joints for use on floor heating.

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