The smaller the kitchen, the more discipline, consistency, and resourcefulness it requires when planning and arranging. Literally every square inch matters, both on the floor and walls. Every inch has functional and esthetic significance, which is why the arrangement of such interiors poses a true challenge. See how to rise up to it and create a trendy arrangement of a kitchen in a residential block apartment, to give an example!

Kwadro Ceramika’s Brook collection.
Small kitchen with a dining space. Just the absolute necessary. Kwadro Ceramika’s Brook collection.

Functionality above everything

The number of people bustling around the small kitchen and those who must be fed every day and on holidays, the frequency of cooking, and the degree of meal complexity are the fundamental issues that affect the kitchen layout and equipment. Shopping habits and food storage manners also play substantial roles as they determine the size of the fridge and cupboards. If the kitchen is also to be an everyday or occasional dining room for the family members, making the dining area comfortable and pleasant is something worth considering.

 Kwadro Ceramika’s Nea collection.
Example of a small kitchen arrangement with a dining area.

Taking into account all aspects related to food at home significantly increases the possibilities of creating a small kitchen of our dreams, even in a tight space of a residential block apartment.

Kwadro Ceramika’s Rubi collection.
Working surface slash bar table? Why not! Functionality is what matters most.

When planning the functionality of a small kitchen in a residential block apartment:

  • Take a careful look at every kitchen accessory.
  • Give up everything that is not absolutely necessary, for example, a typical stovetop in favor of a one with two burners (you will add invaluable space to the working surface); a big coffee express (a small coffee maker can offer equally delicious coffee); give or throw away devices with same functions.
  • Enjoy the space. Make even a small kitchen a comfortable space full of “room to breathe”.
  • Go with easy to maintain materials. Ceramic tiles on the floor and walls can help you keep the room clean.

Practical esthetics

Space and lifestyle mutually affect each other. In a small kitchen, it’s a good idea to focus on one distinctive motif to draw attention. It may be, for example, a design adorning the dining area. Thanks to it, we will divert out attention from mundane activities related to food preparation and bring out the pleasure of tasting dishes and having private conversation at the table. If this design additionally reflects our love of travelling or culture of our favorite part of the world, we will feel truly wonderful here!

Bright and cozy

Usually, the brighter a small room is, the more spacious it seems. However, to make sure boredom has not place in it, it’s a good idea to break the monochromatic palette of bright colors with an interesting texture. Smooth front panels and milky glass of the cupboards will look marvelous on the background of a brick texture. Wood and metal will give the entire arrangement new expression.

Kwadro Ceramika’s Muro collection.
Coziness of brick in a modern kitchen. Kwadro Ceramika’s Muro ceramic tile collection.

Playing with contrasts

Who said everything has to be bright in a small kitchen? If you are a fan of dark furniture, go ahead and use it. Remember, however, for the furniture line and its form to give the impression of lightness in its expression so as not to overburden the interior. Contrasting juxtapositions of smooth front furniture panels with bright tiles with delicate structure will visually expand your kitchen giving it elegance.

Kwadro Ceramika’s Nea collection.
Subtle highlight, interesting structure. Trendy grey furniture and Nea tiles. Kwadro Ceramika.

You love contrasts? Black and white play with chiaroscuro? Small kitchen does not limit contrasting color combinations, however, dark surfaces must be counterbalanced with bright simple front panels, for example. Have a look at this kitchen arrangement: furniture blends with the wall and all its weight disappears against the background of a distinctive color and an interesting tile structure.

 Kwadro Ceramika’s Veo collection.
Black and white complement each other. Kwadro Ceramika’s Veo collection.

You like a more subtle play with color and structure? Go with various neutral colors and textures – wood, the white of the walls, and print on ceramic decorations. Classic and modern at the same time.

Kwadro Ceramika’s Enrica collection.
Contrasting colors, structures, and designs. Shimmering white, wood stripes, and a subtle decoration on Enrica tiles, Kwadro Ceramika.

Triumphant return of geometry

Geometry is currently one of the most fashionable trends inspired by the 1960’s designs, among others. Geometric designs can be used even in small kitchens as long as they are applied with moderation. One strong decorative accent will give the interior this special touch. If you exaggerate with the use of visual mutually competing elements, you will create an impression of chaos.

Kwadro Ceramika’s Rubi collection.
Geometric vivid elements with original decors from Kwadro Ceramika’s Rubi collection.

Small kitchen in a residential block apartment can be trendy and functional if you remember the following fundamental rules:

  1. Functionality – choose only what is necessary and sufficient to satisfy the appetites of the family members and guests.
  2. Easiness to keep clean – go with a comfortable kitchen layout and good equipment quality so your kitchen is sparkling clean every day.
  3. Esthetic proportions balance in the used color, textures, and eye-catching details.

And remember that fashion is for people, not the other way round. Choose what you really like – the investment in a kitchen will last longer than new shoes.

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