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Home of wood

Wood is a very special raw material.

It is full of positive associations, but also full of contradictions. It is inseparably connected to nature – to harmony, peace and durability. It can be majestically durable, but it can easily turn into an unpredictable element of fire. When you close your eyes, you can easily recall the smell of forest – it is so clean and fresh. It smells so much like freedom. Wood after treatment smells different but equally beautiful – classic, organic. It makes you remember how much work has been put into giving it a different look. It is impossible to find two wooden boards that look the same – the grain, bark and knots make each one of them unique, painted by nature. These paintings vary, depending on where they are being created – the ones from the northern edge of Europe will look different than the ones from the tropical climates of South America. Every tree, every type of wood tells a different story. Each one of those is honest and authentic. We are going to tell you that story in a unique and safe interior. In a Home by Paradyż. In a Home of Wood.
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