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Urban Colours  

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Terrace and balcony


Inspiration is at your fingertips. The atmospheric parks, the intensity of the urban sky or the tinsel of elegant salons - Urban Colours draws inspiration from the richness of colours, structures and elements of nature that are typical for the space that surrounds us. And what about you? What will you surround yourself within the intimate space of your home? Urban Colours is a unique and coherent whole - it is created by intense colours and structures inspired by nature: linear, split stone and feathers. Just like the Far Eastern origami art gives a new life to a piece of paper, the geometric forms transferred to the texture of tiles in small sizes fill the space with invigorating energy. The combination of modernity and history presented by the Urban Colours collection brings great arrangement possibilities. The multitude of components and their diversity will allow you to arrange a space that is as best suited to you as possible - matte and gloss, smooth and structural surfaces, unique deliberate brightening and darkening of the glaze, metallic shades. Choose what will help the interior to better express yourself - your style, your tastes and your dreams.

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Urban Colours

Dostępne kolory to: biały, niebieski, szary zółty i wielokolory.Płytki z kolekcji URBAN COLOURS do zastosowania w łazience, kuchni . Kolekcja ta dostępna w ofercie produktowej marki Paradyż My Way. Format występujący w kolekcji to 4,8x4,8; 19,8x17,1; 19,8x19,8 i 29,8x89,8 cm.

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