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Terrace and balcony

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Floor tiles and frost-resistant for the terrace / balcony / outdoor

When looking for inspiration for aesthetically pleasing finishing for the balcony floor, it is good to think about how well its style will fit into the terrace surroundings. The green colour of the surrounding lawn and the multicoloured flowerbeds will perfectly fit the grey or graphite tiles that imitate naturally split stones or rocky mountaintops. The floor resembling a brick and concrete pavement will also look great in this case. If the balcony has a view of busy urban streets and grey blocks of flats, it is good to choose tiles that will liven up the image of concrete buildings. Beige, white, creamy and imitating natural sand colour schemes will perfectly brighten the greys surrounding the balcony. The wood-like floor expresses a timeless elegance that fits any balcony and terrace. Natural parquet is not the best choice, as rain can very quickly destroy the wooden surface – this is where tiles with a wooden pattern in different shades might be of help. They fit both – balconies with ornamental balustrades, as well as terraces arranged in a minimalistic style. Proponents of classical solutions can easily choose from a wide range of traditional smooth tiles, available in a variety of colours. Elaborate mosaics, whose sophisticated look will be enjoyed during an afternoon nap on the balcony are also an original solution.

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