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  • Terrace and balcony
  • Living room
  • Hall

The versatility of stone

The Stone collection by Ceramika Paradyż was inspired by the beauty of nature. The subtle, neutral colours with tones and shades typical of stone (Beige, Grigio and Crema) emphasises the versatile character of these floor tiles, which will be a perfect fit both for a cosy salon or a hall, as well as in a public space, such as a hotel or a restaurant. Owing to the use of new glazing rich in fine mica, the tiles glitter slightly in the sunlight. Apart from the base tiles with the dimensions of 59.8 x 59.8 centimetres, the collection also offers plinths with the dimensions of 7.2 x 59.8 centimetres, emphasising the practical aspect of the collection. The tiles with a half-polished surface perfectly match the fashionable structures of wood and metal, offering a multitude of design options without having to compromise on the newest trends.

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