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Path Massive Gres 2.0  

  • Living room
  • Hall
  • Terrace and balcony

In harmony with nature

The collection of the Path Ceramics Paradyż floor tiles will be appreciated by enthusiasts of modern interiors inspired by nature. It will be perfect for those who seek relief after a tiring day – away from the city noise and heaps of everyday duties. The subtle shades of grey, typical for natural rocks, create a dynamic, toned pattern, reminiscent of a mountain path. Thanks to their perfectly smooth edges, the rectified tiles can be laid with a minimum joint, creating the effect of a uniform surface. These tiles are characterised by easy assembly and disassembly. They can be laid on grass, gravel or sand without the use of specialised equipment, professional services and additional construction materials. The enlarged 59.8 x 59.8 cm format emphasises the spaciousness of both the interior and the exterior area being arranged. Thanks to the high technical parameters achieved, among others: the thickness of up to 2 cm, resistance to high and low temperatures and great endurance, the Path gres tiles will be perfect for exteriors and usable areas such as terraces, garage driveways, offices, hotels or restaurants.

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Path Massive Gres 2.0

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