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Optimal Massive Gres 2.0

  • Living room
  • Hall
  • Terrace and balcony
  • Garden

In harmony with nature

Imagine a hot day, with arid air cooled down by a gentle breeze that subtly touches your skin. Imagine that soothing sensation flowing through your whole body, imagine enjoying a moment of relaxation in the garden or on the summer terrace among calming greenery and the sensual scent of flowers. With the unique Optimal series, you can create a unique space around your home - winding paths surrounded by conifers, cosy nooks surrounded by colourful flora, spaces where you can rest and relax on warm days. Achieve a lasting harmony with nature with a collection of frost-resistant terrace tiles in a square 59.5 x 59.5 cm format. Choose from a palette of subtle colours (beige, gris, anthracite, graphite) to build a beautiful enclave in your garden. Optimal terrace tiles are innovative thanks to their special installation technique – stable pedestals enable you to build a ventilated terrace, finish off edges in an aesthetic way or lay them on grass in order to create a relaxation zone or a path.

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Optimal Massive Gres 2.0

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