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Breeze Of Northern Freshness

The coldness of the climate of northern Europe immersed in wood graphics full of cracks and knots turns into a pleasant, light and natural picture of the local nature. It is emphasised by two very subtle shades of light wood (Arctic and Naturale) and its realistic look. The collection consists of complementary 14.8x89.8 cm and 14.8x119.8 cm tile sizes with a delicate structure that perfectly embodies the authenticity of the interior inspired by the Nordic nature, creating an impression of freshness and impeccability. Immerse yourself in the transparency of this nature, be part of it and feel the refreshing breeze. The Nordland collection will take you to a small forest house filled with the smell of resin, to a chalet filled with the soothing crackling of a fireplace, to a place of peace and relaxation.

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