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Ceramic tiles - hall and hallway

Floor surfaces in the hall and lobby should be first of all easy to clean and scratch resistant, as dirt and sand brought in on shoes can damage it. Tiles will be a perfect solution as they do not require intensive cleaning, and the shiny texture of some models makes them look good without much polishing. In addition, they are very durable, so they can decorate the interior for years. When choosing a model and pattern of tiles, you must, first of all, take into account the colour of walls, furniture and overall style of the interior. It is good to liven up dark walls with bright or even white tiles without any patterns, although those imitating majestic marble will also work great. The wood pattern, in turn, fits nicely with any type of furniture. We offer tiles that look like bleached planks, freshly cut light wood, and even old brown and beige wood floors, that have been renewed many times. Nature lovers can also choose tiles that mimic sand. Those in beige shades will perfectly warm a cool and dark interior, especially if the hall does not have a window. If the walls of a room are in bright colours, it is a good idea to choose contrasting dark floor tiles. The floor imitating hewn stone in a natural graphite colour, or tiles in a dark hazelwood colour will perfectly complement a bright hall.

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