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  • Terrace and balcony
  • Elevation
  • Bathroom
  • Stairs
As many as eight different colour patterns allow for a perfect selection of the product according to the arrangement assumptions – four warm colours (beige, perla, mocca, brown) and four cold colours (bianco, grit, graphite, nero) is a wide array of choices. Besides, each of them is in three various types of surfaces that are appropriate for this type of the product - in the matt, polished and structured. If we add the full range of the collection elements along with treads, skirting boards, and mosaics, we will understand why Duroteq has a complete and wide range within unglazed stoneware dedicated for special applications. However, what distinguishes our latest collection from other products with similar characteristics, is the modernised production method allowing for greater than previously control of obtained visual effects.

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29.8 x 59.8 cm, 59.8 x 59.8 cm


29.8 x 29.8 cm, 29.8 x 59.8 cm, 59.8 x 59.8 cm


29.8 x 59.8 cm, 59.8 x 59.8 cm


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