Tiles boldly enter the living rooms and are very welcome here. Tiled floors can be easily adjusted to fit a room in either a modern, Provençal or rustic style. It all depends on what is the pattern of ceramic tiles. They can represent different types of wood, their exact look and grain. They can also successfully replace natural stone – travertine, granite or marble. They also very closely resemble concrete that is so fashionable recently.

It is not a surprise then, that tiles’ popularity grows fast in the interior design industry. Especially considering that their durability and resistance is better than that of, for example, floor panels. You are still not sure – tiles, panels, or maybe a parquet?
Ceramika Paradyż’s Flash collection. Tiles on a floor of a living room floor are an ideal solution. Get to know its advantages! Flesh Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

Find out ten reasons for choosing tiles!

  1. Tiles are available in a vast array of colours – they have beautiful, attractive patterns that are hard to find on wooden floors or panels.
  2. You can create a uniform, elegant surface from tiles. Especially if you choose large, single-coloured tiles, e.g. in 60 × 60 cm or even 75 × 75 cm size. A uniform surface, e.g. imitating concrete, is most easily obtained using rectified tiles (with edges cut at right angles).

Ceramika Paradyż’s Scratch collection.
Modern tiles imitating concrete have a size of 75 × 75 cm, which allows creating almost uniform floor with them. Scratch Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

  1. If you like shiny floors, then no other material will be as good as polished ceramic tiles. Shiny surface will beautifully reflect and diffuse light, illuminating the entire room.
  2. Tiled floor is a perfect solution when the living room is connected to the kitchen – thanks to tiles, the floor will be uniform, optically combining both rooms.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Maloe, collection.
Wood-like tiles perfectly fit both a living room and a kitchen. Maloe Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

  1. Ceramic tiles are a perfect idea for people who like wood on the floor but want to avoid the need for its maintenance, scraping and varnishing. Tiles can very closely resemble different types of boards, but they are much easier to maintain.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Foresta, collection.
Tiles arranged in a classic way resemble a wooden parquet. Foresta Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

  1. When looking for an idea for a decorative, colourful floor distinguished by strong patterns, check ceramic tiles – their wide selection allows them to create a ceramic carpet in the interior, or giving the room a palatial or even oriental style.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Tigua collection.
Ceramic carpet? The variety of ceramic tiles allows for even such non-standard solutions. Tigua collection from the My Way brand, Ceramika Paradyż. 

  1. When planning floor heating in your house or apartment, the best solution for the floor will be ceramic tiles. This duo perfectly complements itself – ceramics conduct the heat very well and the underfloor heating makes the tiles – cold by nature – warmer, so walking on them is very pleasant.
  2. Ceramic tiles create a floor that is very durable and resistant to damage. There is no problem with cleaning them. It is worth to pay attention to their abrasion resistance class during the purchase. PEI 3/750 tiles can be successfully used in a living room, but for high-traffic areas, it is better to choose those with a higher resistance, e.g. PEI 3/1500. The PEI symbol is a measure of the resistance of glazed tiles to surface abrasion – the greater the PEI, the higher the abrasion resistance class.
  3. Tiles are a very practical finishing material when the living room opens directly into the garden. The ease of keeping tiles clean is a feature that will be very helpful with such a solution.
  4. Tiles are a very good acoustic insulator, so the interior in which they are used will be relatively quiet.

Ceramika Paradyż’s Balance collection.
Tiles imitate the structure of old wood. The shape and dimensions of the tiles also make them resemble boards (16 x 98.5 cm and 21.5 x 98.5 cm formats). Balance Collection, Ceramika Paradyż.

More inspirations for living rooms finished with tiles can be found at www.paradyz.com.

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