In the case of a small bathroom surface, the way of arranging the space so that the interior is functional and at the same time aesthetic and original is tremendously important. Even if the size does not allow to create a fully comfortable and equipped with a free-standing bathtub or a few impressive bathroom sinks, you can resort to other solutions which will provide the interior with an original style, and every centimetre of space will be managed in a suitable way. Operating with the colours of the walls and accessories, as well as the thoughtful selection of the bathroom ceramic collection can completely transform a small bathroom into a cosy, spacious room.


The right layout of the space

The first stage of assembly works, and the most important one, is the proper planning and arranging of the necessary devices, so that the use of the bathroom would not be difficult due to too large or badly set equipment. Awareness of a small space cannot be without effect on our choices – for instance, there are narrow washing machines available on the market, which will certainly be easier to integrate into the space and asymmetrical baths occupying less space than their rectangular counterparts. With microscopic interior dimensions you may find that you will have to give up these elements and the washing machine will be in a different part of the house, and the bath will replace the shower and the sink. This choice does not have to be a painful compromise, but even a step to create a more comfortable room. A glass cabin without a traditional cabin both optically and realistically increases the usable space.

Clever solutions for a small bathroom? The mirrored fronts conceal the roomy contents of the cabinets above the washbasin.

The bathroom is always a part of a larger whole, therefore the equipment in it greatly depends on the possibilities offered by the other rooms. The function of the storage for the cleaning products or towels can be fulfilled by cabinets located in other parts of the house, where we cannot afford capacious bathroom furniture.

Bathroom in style!

When arranging a house or a flat, we usually decide on a favourite style, consequently introducing its elements into the living area, night and hygiene zones. A small bathroom, owing to its dimensions, can accumulate the key features of a given style, composing coherently with the rest of the space of a house or flat. The choice of furniture and accessories is not limited to equipment with universal forms and monochrome ceramics. Even a small space does not have to be a limitation in this case – if we want to have a particular design, it is worth focusing on effective tiles. This element, indispensable in every bathroom, can determine the nature of the whole. Manufacturers offer a wide range of designs, formats, colours, and decorative elements, which in turn greatly facilitates the creation of a specific arrangement.

White in the main role

Neutral, brightening whiteness of ceramic tiles is a valuable base for arranging small bathrooms, maintained in different styles. The format of the tiles, their shape, texture, the type of glaze covering them, graphics – all these elements give the interior a style.

Modern classic

Enthusiasts of classical beauty appreciate elegance, subtle, traditional ornaments and shapes as well as subdued colours. Floristic themes, arabesques, these are frequent decorations in this style. The classic captured in a modern manner draws also from functional, simple forms – customised bathroom furniture can perfectly fill the recess to use every square centimetre of space. Lamps, placed on both sides of the mirror, perfectly illuminate the face during beauty treatments, while being at the same time a fashionable decorative element.

Modern classic combine elegance with the lightness of fashionable, simple forms. The arabesque structure and shiny mosaic determine the character of the interior.

White brick in the main role

Brick, like wood, can successfully arrange interiors, both classic, modern, and typically industrial. It all depends on the context in which it will be located.

In a small, bright bathroom with a shower cabin, fashionable tiles with the appearance of white bricks will look grandly.

Eco trend

Living in harmony with nature presupposes the satisfaction with what is only necessary. That is why eco-style interiors are small and economical in the means of expression, drawing inspiration from the natural world. In the bathrooms arranged in this style, ceramics with the appearance of wooden boards is very often combined with smooth white tiles.

Glossy white tiles and ceramics in the form of large “boards”, a bathtub, and a functional shelf under the sink create a friendly, small bathroom.

Whiteness, wood plus any square centimetre of space used – this is the next version of a small eco-style bathroom.
In the picture: Veo (25×40 cm) and Wood Basic Brown Glazed Porcelain (20×60 cm) collections.

Stone modernity

When designing a small bathroom, it is worth considering ceramic collections inspired by the appearance of natural stone. Bright, stone ceramics do not have to be boring – especially if we use the fashionable effect of the structure.

Neutral colours of the stone and a distinct wave structure – this is the idea for a small, modern bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Glamour style in a small space

Enthusiasts of the glamour style do not have to limit their imagination when arranging the bathroom. The collections full of chic and glamour, based on mirror glazes, crystal or glass decorations, will allow you to create your dream space. With such a distinctive design, subdued colours work perfectly fine, enhancing the impression of a luxurious interior in the best style. Supplementing the whole with mirrors in decorative frames and original lighting will emphasise the character of the interior. In the case of a small bathroom, however, it is worth remembering not to overdo it with decorative elements and accessories. For instance, an effective strip will give the interior a style, and at the same time, it will not overwhelm it.

A glass mosaic illuminates the interior of a small, glamorous bathroom.

These are just some of the inspirations which can be used when arranging a small bathroom. Lovers of industrial, rustic, and minimalist style will also find appropriate tiles among all the Paradyż’ bathroom propositions..

The power of details

The final visual effect and functionality of the bathroom are decided by the tiny details. In the case of large rooms, a choice of colours or accessories can be determined by aesthetic considerations, and the possibilities seem to be unlimited. A small space requires much more attention and making conscious choices. Interior designers have tried and tested numerous ways to visually enlarge a small bathroom and there is nothing to prevent you from taking advantage of these ideas:

  • Choice of colours in a small bathroom – a universal rule is that light colours enlarge the interior and dark colours shrink it optically. Therefore, when deciding on bright tiles, we will make the room seem more spacious. White, grey or pastel blue is certainly a good choice. The wide assortment will certainly allow for an interesting arrangement using these colours, without worrying about monotony and lack of clarity. In order to achieve the best spatial effect, it will also help to choose a uniform tile without patterns – but if you do not decide on it, it would be better if the pattern was small, which would not overwhelm the whole. We do not have to completely give up the decorations – decorative tiles and strips arranged cleverly and in moderation can optically extend, expand the interior, and make it seem higher. An important detail is also the selection of the joint, which when matched to the colour of the tiles, it can create the impression of a uniform surface.
  • Gloss – reflective materials are allies of small rooms. Owing to them, the interior seems bigger, so it is worth choosing glazed tiles, a glass shower or glossy furniture (be careful not to exaggerate with this shine, that the surfaces do not compete with each other).
  • Lighting – in small bathrooms most often we deal with artificial light, therefore we can freely influence the distribution of its sources. For a small bathroom, cool light coming from several lamps arranged at different points will be more suitable – especially lighting the corners will help to give the impression of a larger space.
  • Multifunctional solutions – thanks to them, the necessary equipment will fulfil an additional role in the interior, and it can also have an interesting design. A heater which is also a towel bar, a washbasin combined with a shelf or a bathtub with a storage compartment in its housing are examples of solutions which will help to organize a small space.
  • Mirrors – this is the most versatile way of optical room magnification. A large mirror will add depth to the bathroom and it will look great if we completely give up the frames. An exceptionally effective solution which takes advantage from the mirror effect can also be ceramic tiles with mirror gloss.


1. Put on the functionality – limiting the number of devices, their rational choice and the right form will help save space, which will translate into comfort, but also into aesthetics. A good solution will be the selection of accessories and multifunctional equipment.

2. Aesthetics should be combined with good quality materials since the bathroom is a room whose elements will serve you for many years.

3. The most effective design is most easily achieved thanks to ceramics – it determines the style of the interior to the greatest extent.

4. Avoid dark colours, large patterns, and mat – all these features of bathroom furniture or tiles will make the space seem visually smaller.

5. Take a chance on minimalism – limit the number of details arranged on bathroom shelves to eliminate unnecessary chaos.

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