Designing a small bathroom is a challenge for any designer. In the first phase there are always questions about not only the equipment, but most of all the style of the room. The richness of design, formats, and colours offered by the manufacturers of tiles and fittings gives a dizzying sense – manufacturers are flooding the market with new ideas referring to nautical, oriental, traditional or minimalist styles. So if you are waiting for a renovation, ask yourself a question: who will the bathroom be designed for, what style do you feel best in?

Currently, the leading styles are modern and minimalism. Patterns of tiles often imitate natural stone, including marbles or sandstone. Such a simple form, a contrasting combination of colours, raw materials (glass or metal) are almost made for small bathrooms – large formats of rectified tiles form uniform surfaces on the walls, while subtle and subdued design does not divide such a small area. These formats are often found in a semi-polished surface, which means that you can optically get more space in a small bathroom. The colourful glass decorative strips which break the colour monotony and warm up the interior become an original solution. In addition, decorative elements in large-format collections are mosaics which also allow to create complex artistic elements and perfectly combine with large formats of tiles or other forms of wall decorations.

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Mateusz Winkler
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