Glass decorations are a perfect complementation to the collection of ceramic tiles – their transparent character and saturation with vivid colours in an interesting and noticeable way can enrich any interior. Observing current market trends, glass is more and more often chosen by customers, both for large investments and for finishing small, home bathrooms. It should be remembered, however, that glass elements are a material more delicate than ceramics, therefore, during assembly and use, be careful when installing and using them.

Initially, the glass decorations produced by Ceramika Paradyż were to be assembled using glue for mirrors. In April 2013, the method of production was changed, consisting of the application on the assembly side of mosaics, strips, panels or inserts of a special insulating layer, protecting against harmful printing, discolouring the effect of the adhesive. Elements manufactured after this date can be mounted on ceramic tile adhesive – which is certainly a great help in the work of every tiler. It should be remembered, however, that it is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions for using the product contained by a given construction chemicals manufacturer on the packaging, which will prevent the wrong use of the adhesive and, as a result, damage to the decorations after they have been installed.

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Paulina Łuczkiewicz
Rynek płytek ceramicznych, zarówno polski, jak i zagraniczny nie ma dla niej tajemnic. Jest zawsze na bieżąco ze wszystkimi nowościami (branżowymi, technologicznymi i produktowymi).