The tiles manufactured in the production plants of Ceramika Paradyż do not require additional protection of the surface with impregnates. As a manufacturer of ceramic claddings, we do not recommend any agents for impregnating the tiles because they change the technical parameters of the cladding. The impregnate creates an additional layer on the surface of the tiles, thus giving other utility parameters and finally responding for their final appearance.

In addition to changing the surface properties of the tile, there is also the risk of tarnishing, thus obtaining a visual opposite to the intended effect. Moreover, the impregnating layer is more prone to abrasion than the original surface of the tile, therefore the impregnation treatment should be repeated cyclically. Apparently, this effect can be seen after applying impregnation on tiles located in passageways, where impregnation over the years or even months undergoes mechanical abrasion in the most intensively used places.

Properly used and maintained surface of floor tiles of Ceramika Paradyż does not require protection with additional chemical agents.

So the matter of impregnation remains to the client’s decision, who, aware of all possible consequences related to it, decides to make an attempt to improve the quality of the tile.

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Paulina Łuczkiewicz
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