Many people working in the ceramics industry believe that clinker produced in pressed technology is not a real clinker. As their arguments, they state the lack of diffusion and  permeability of the cladding, which disqualifies it from being used on terraces, balconies, and external stairs, i.e. horizontal surfaces exposed to difficult weather conditions, in particular to temperature jumps. This allegedly leads to the detachment of the ceramic cladding from the floor on which it was laid.

The clinker manufactured by Ceramika Paradyż is surely the clinker, it differs from the extruded one primarily by the production technology. It should be noted, however, that both types of clinker goods are produced on the basis of the same standard.

The main advantages of pressed clinker over extruded clinker are:

  • significantly greater dimensional accuracy (much lower acceptable dimensional differences and possible curvatures),
  • lower water absorption, which guarantees full frost resistance, supported by the results of external research laboratories,
  • higher mechanical strength (pressed above 30 N / mm², extruded minimum 23 N / mm², and 20 N / mm² for extruded products with a water absorption up to 6%),
  • higher resistance to deep abrasion (pressed below 175 mm³, extruded below 275 mm³), extruded clinker is very often produced with even higher water absorption (even up to 6%), and then the resistance decreases – the higher the value, the lower the resistance,
  • significantly better resistance to dirt due to the greater compactness of the structure,
  • no need for periodic impregnation.

It should also be remembered that the adhesion of building materials such as clinker tiles depends largely on the adhesive used. Currently, adhesive manufacturers offer materials with very high elasticity and adhesion, which guarantees durability of the cladding, while the loosening of the tiles is usually caused by errors in assembly process. In conclusion, pressed clinker is a material which does not have the drawbacks of extruded clinker, but at the same time retaining its aesthetic value.

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Paulina Łuczkiewicz
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