A loft bedroom is a dream of many dreaming about their own home. When this dream succeeds, the time comes for arranging decisions. How to make this interior beautiful and comfortable? We advise!


Usable attics are places created for bedrooms. Charming slants, incomplete heights, roof windows let in a lot of light, sometimes visible ceiling beams – all this encourages tasteful and comfortable arrangement of space. How do you go about it so that bad choices do not give us sleepless nights?

Trick no. 1. Clean bedroom space from everything unnecessary

When you want to sleep well, nothing should distract you. The fewer items you place in the bedroom, the easier it will be to calm down before falling asleep. Of course, a small table with a reading lamp is the most appropriate – it will be nice to enjoy reading a goodnight or make notes in the diary.

Wardrobes, library, dressers, armchairs, chests, any cabinets, desk and excess shelves, lead out of the bedroom. Similarly treat knick knacks and most decorations. You will then gain the effect of a somewhat ascetic ordering of space – and with it the calming of the mind, body, and spirit.

Clearing the space of any unnecessary furniture, accessories, and gadgets will also make even a tiny space of the bedroom will not cause a feeling of tightness.

From the place to sleep, take out most of the pot flowers, because at night they consume the oxygen you need (of course, you can put a sansevier in the bedroom, which has the opposite property in this respect).

The tiny bedroom on the entresol will fully satisfy the needs of night rest and relaxation, if you do not overload it with unnecessary equipment and accessories.

Trick no. 2. Apply bright colours which will keep the interior light

In the attic, where the height of the rooms is incomplete, bright colours work well. Any dark, saturated shades can create an unfavourable, overwhelming impression and visually reduce the space. Universal white, bright shades of light grey and beige, light furniture and bright floors inspired by natural stone or wood – this is an almost guaranteed way to provide a bedroom with the impression of peace and spaciousness.

Trick no. 3. Connect bedroom with bathroom

If it is technically possible, consider connecting the sleeping and bathroom space. You will gain an additional surface of each of these rooms, along with priceless convenience, access to natural light in the bathroom and a great visual effect.

White and light wood is an irreplaceable duo in the attic bedroom – in the bathroom as well. Such colours will bring natural beauty and tranquillity to the interior.

If you do not want to or for other reasons you cannot combine the bedroom with the bathroom, make sure that it is on the same level. You will not have to use the stairs then, which is annoying at night and in a sleepy state, and can also be dangerous.

Bathrooms in the attic have enormous charm. Well-designed are beautiful and functional.

Trick no. 4. „Lower” a bed

If the lofts of the attic make you have much lower space available, immediately give up the high bed or even a standard frame. Instead, think about how to cleverly lower the base of the mattress. You will then gain a radical improvement in the proportion of the bedroom interior in the attic. Consider making a really low bed frame to order.

You can also do it yourself with pallets. If these solutions do not satisfy you, you can put the mattress directly on the floor or carpet (important note: make sure it is possible with your mattress – if it requires ventilation space underneath, choose another option – no evaporation of moisture from the mattress raises the risk mould, health problems, and loss of the manufacturer’s warranty).

A fashionable bed made of pallets can be found in hygge, eco, and rustic interiors. In combination with additions in these styles – it will look phenomenal.

Trick no. 5. Apply underfloor heating

When you have a much smaller wall surface than in a full-height room, it’s not worth it to deal with sparse radiators. Floor heating in combination with ceramic tiles will be much better. If a bed has a permanent place, when installing a floor heating system, it is worthwhile to skip this area – owing to this, it will be pleasant to sleep and there will be no unnecessary excessive consumption of heating energy.

Trick no. 6. Take care of a functional bedroom layout in the attic

Regardless of how extensive space you have, take care of its maximum functionality. The arrangement of furniture, equipment, and other accessories must ensure freedom of movement, optimal lighting according to needs and visual harmony. The bed should be “democratically” accessible from both sides. Standing lamps on the bedside tables can be successfully replaced with lamps suspended low from the ceiling.

Convenience during sleep preparation and when getting up is essential. Take care of the functional layout of the bedroom.

Trick no. 7. Give the place an atmosphere!

Each space, even the most modest in terms of dimensions, can be given a unique, individual character. Your taste, passions, and habits leave a mark on the interiors, especially as intimate as the bedroom. Do not hesitate to introduce personal accents into the bedroom space – after waking up you will get additional energy from it.

If you have a lot of attic space, your arrangement options are almost limitless. The large area allows unhurried functionality of the bedroom with a place to talk at the table, a place to work, reading and to blissful relaxation in the chair or on the seats of wide window sills. Remember that the more functions a room has, the more consistency you will need in its arrangement.

Spacious, high attic gives almost unlimited arrangement possibilities. Keep stylistic consistency in arranging individual interior functions.

Take care of the thermal insulation of the attic.

A little attention just before painting and all the rest of the finishing work: before you arrange a beautiful bedroom in the attic, make sure that all bevels and ceiling are well insulated. If this space is poorly insulated or not insulated at all, in winter you will be freezing in your bedroom, and in summer you cannot sleep in it. Similarly, make sure that the roof windows are effectively shielded from the excess of the sun.


Bedroom in the attic is an arrangement challenge, whose complexity depends on min. from the floor surface, the height and interior volume, the inclination angles and the number and shape of the windows. Here are 7 tricks on how to arrange this space effectively and functionally:

  1. Leave in the bedroom only what is absolutely necessary. Bring out everything that’s possible out of its space: wardrobes, desk, armchairs, chests, shelves, decorations, etc.
  2. Bet on bright colours which will not overwhelm the space. For example, all shades of white plus light wood are a proven solution.
  3. Connect a bedroom with a bathroom (or place it close to each other).
  4. “Lower” the bed to improve the proportions of the low interior. Use, for instance, a pallet base or, if possible, place the mattress directly on the floor.
  5. Use underfloor heating. You will gain more space on the walls and an even temperature in the interior.
  6. Take care of the functional layout of a bedroom, guaranteeing equal comfort for its users.
  7. Give the place an atmosphere and individual character.

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