Investment. Password – the key to large-scale projects and undertakings. Investments, as prestigious construction projects which will serve numerous users over the years, are designed with the utmost care and attention to aesthetic and functional details. Finishing products used for such investments must ensure safety, durability, hygiene, neatness, and friendly character of the space. Additionally – they must fit neatly into the investment budget. Today we will show selected collections of ceramic tiles which have been designed specifically for the complex needs of investors and target users.

Wyraźna struktura i matowa powierzchnia gresów Doblo i Arkesia optycznie wtapia się w całościowy wystrój elektrogielda

The term “investment objects” includes a set of all projects intended for intensive use by numerous and diverse groups of people – that is, public facilities, such as cultural and sports centres, swimming pools, health care facilities, shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, stations, airports, offices or common spaces of housing estates.

How to save a lot of time by choosing ceramic tiles perfectly suited to such places?

If the architect’s task is to arrange investment spaces using  ceramic claddings, we recommend starting work by analysing the visual qualities and technical parameters of ten collections which meet the stringent requirements of the standards applicable to investment facilities, and at the same time fit in with modern arrangement trends. The following is a collection of ten investment “bankers”:


Arkesia is the collection of rectified porcelain tiles, produced in the unglazed porcelain technology (double charge), available in many formats and surface finishes (mat, polished, structure), with a complete set of skirting boards and stair treads.

Arkesia tiles are certified with „Barefoot” certification for all tile formats and colours, as well as Hygienic Certificate.

The impressive look is the natural and obvious added value of the Arkesia collection. The double charge technology makes that each tile has a slightly different design, so that the surfaces on which it was applied always look natural and make a big impression – for instance, elevations, floors or walls of elegant investments.

The rich and almost limitless arrangement possibilities of Arkesia tiles are also influenced by a wide range of colours (an extensive palette of timeless beiges, browns, greys), as well as multi-coloured rosettes, cut decorative strips, corners, and mosaics. The complexity and abundance of Arkesia porcelain allow for free shaping of space which is durable, safe, and comfortable to use, and at the same time visually impressive.

The minimum of resources and the maximum effect: contrasting the polished and mat surface, as well as two formats of bright Arkesia tiles is an elegant, brightening background for various accessories.

Thanks to the use of unglazed porcelain technology, the tiles retain high durability, constantly evoking the visual “wow” effect!


The very name of the collection corresponds to its universality.

The collection of technical stoneware Bazo, due to its excellent technical parameters, classic design, and specialist elements (curved skirting boards and convex and concave profiles) can be a great base for the most demanding spaces, such as, for example, swimming pools, catering, medical, and industrial facilities.

Tiles coloured in mass of exceptional hardness and very low susceptibility to abrasion and at the same time high resistance to the influence of acids and alkalids ideally find their place in such rooms.

Bazo tiles have the „Barefoot”, anti-slip certificate, Hygiene Certificate Group BIa, Certificate of Conformity of the Product to the Polish Standard, as well as the Certificate Authorising to Mark the Product with the Safety Mark.

The palette of earth colours – from beiges through browns to various shades of grey, both in the mono-colour and pepper-salt versions, as well as in several surface finishes – all will be the architect’s allies in the design of functional and beautiful spaces.

Small, square ceramic tiles with very high anti-slip parameters and specialist finishing elements – this is an excellent choice not only for swimming pools and medical facilities.


A collection of rectified porcelain tiles in the 29.8×59.8 and 59.8×59.8 formats in neutral shades of white, grey, and black, available in a polished, satin, and clearly structural version – allows attractive shaping of space in investment facilities.

Doblo is especially recommended wherever the minimizing the risk of slipping counts. Doblo tiles with a structured surface have an excellent anti-slip parameter – R11. They will, therefore, work in the entrance areas to public facilities – for example, medical and healthcare facilities, schools or shopping centres.

Black structural tiles Doblo Nero Gres Rekt. The structure will prove themselves in the entrance zones to public facilities due to the high anti-slip parameter and the colour on which no dirt is visible.

In large spaces, both technical parameters and visual considerations are important, which will allow to create an elegant, stunning surface.


Subdued colouristically, the collection of the unglazed rectified porcelain tiles in neutral colours and in the large formats of 59.8×119.8 cm, 59.8×59.8 and 44.8×89,8 cm for base tiles and 29.8×59.8 cm and 29.8×119.8 cm for stair treads tiles – this is the quintessence of modern design, in which uniform surfaces are a neutral background for expressive elements of arrangement.

Of course, Intero collection also has both the anti-slip „Barefoot” certificate, as well as the Hygienic Certificate.

A trendy, stylish restaurant owes its climate to, among others, a neutral floor highlighted with large-format tiles in subdued warm colours.

Wide, elegant Intero stair treads with dimensions of 29.8×119.8 cm allow you to finish exclusive staircases, terraces, and entrance areas.


Naturstone is a modern investment tile made in the double-charge technology (unglazed porcelain) and dry-dyed in the Freestile system, which provides on the one hand an extraordinary resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion, and on the other – a unique look of each individual tile and a tonal effect on larger planes.

Naturstone is another collection based on neutral colours, taking on a character depending on the surface finish. The elegant polish reflects the light and effectively contrasts with the mat and structure.

Owing to several fashionable and timeless colours, great parameters, and diverse surface finishes, it is possible to arrange truly large objects coherently and attractively – big-city office buildings, apartments, hotels, airports, and commercial spaces.

Neutral colours of tiles do not distract from exposed items, and at the same time give them a shine thanks to polished surfaces and an interesting arrangement on the wall.

Mat and structural tiles and Naturstone stair treads have a special „Barefoot” certificate, Hygienic Certificate and Declaration of Performance, available here:


Rockstone is a universal, modern, large format tiles, 59.8×59.8 and 29.8×29.8 cm, with skirting boards, stair treads, and impressive decorations in the form of hexagons and cut strips. Tiles from this collection were also made in a double charge technology, guaranteeing longevity thanks to resistance to mechanical damage, while simultaneously maintaining valuable visual qualities.

For investment applications, tiles in three shades of grey (grys, graphite and anthracite) are especially recommended.

A dark, polished floor decorated with cut strips contrasts with the bright ceramic wall and natural vegetation.


Another collection in the format 59.8×59.8 cm and 29.8×59.8 cm, and in friendly, subdued colours of grey, brown, and beige. Solid tiles are coloured in the mass, which ensures exceptional hardness (and hence – low susceptibility to abrasion) and very high resistance to acids and alkalids.

Solid (nomen omen) Solid tiles will be great, for example, in chemical laboratories, industrial food factories, veterinary surgeries, and everywhere where hygiene and safety matters, and at the same time care for aesthetics.

Thanks to their visual rawness, Solid tiles perfectly fit into the industrial style – they will find themselves in authentic lofts and new soft-loft investments.

Great technical parameters mean that tiles can be used in investment facilities, but it does not preclude their assembly in a cosy living room or bedroom.


Excellent parameters of very durable sandstone technical stoneware, fashionable shades of beige, brown, mocca coffee, grey, and black, rectified edges, attractive format 29.8×59.8 cm and mat surface – a good starting point for the arrangement of various investment objects.

Ceramic tiles produced in the technical stoneware technology are perfect for service points (such as hair salons


Tecniq is distinguished by particularly high abrasion resistance parameters. Rectified semi-polished tiles in bianco and grys colours and mat grys have the highest, fifth grade of abrasion resistance with more than 12,000 rpm (PEI 5/12000).

The strength of the rectified Tecniq collection is not only excellent performance parameters, but also the exclusive appearance of the tiles. There are three effective formats available: 29.8×59.8, 44.8×89.8 and 59.8×59.8 cm, six timeless colours: white, beige, light grey, silver, graphite, and black, as well as an interesting surface finish: semi-polished and mat. All this, together with stair treads and skirting boards, is a set of tools with the help of which a skilled architect will bring their visions to life.

Foyer, patio, airport, office building – the application framework for the Tecniq collection is open.


Tero is one of the collections especially liked by investors. Like a chameleon, it adapts to the interior style, not imposing itself, and subtly emphasizing it.

Tero appears in several very attractive colours – from white, through beiges and shades of coffee to several shades of grey and black: Bianco, Beige, Silver, Grys, Graphite, Nero, Brown, and Mocca.

Of course, the Tero collection also has excellent performance qualities: it is frost-resistant, very hard, has high resistance to bending and abrasion. In addition, the tiles of this collection also have a slip resistant „Barefoot” certification and Hygienic Certificate

Parameters are the basis, but the task of the tiles is also to “look”. Warm, elegant beiges will always have their supporters, and in the semi-polished version they look very impressive.

Semi-polished Tero Bianco rectified porcelain has the highest abrasion class PEI 5/12000, so it can be used in places with the strongest, continuous traffic, without losing its utility and visual qualities.


We have reviewed ten collections suited to the requirements of large investments due to their very good technical parameters (confirmed by documents) as well as aesthetic values. Let’s list those collections worth recommending for investment objects once again:

  1. Arkesia
  2. Bazo
  3. Doblo
  4. Intero
  5. Naturstone
  6. Rockstone
  7. Solid
  8. Sand
  9. Tecniq
  10. Tero

The selection of the above-mentioned ten collection of ceramic tiles has already proven itself as the cladding of investment facilities from educational institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools, universities), through sports facilities (including swimming pools), pro-health facilities (clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, sanatoriums), housing estates (balconies, terraces, staircases), offices (corridors, reception halls, waiting rooms, offices of headmasters), commercial facilities (including small stores and large-format shopping centres), warehouses and production halls.

When choosing specific tiles for investment, it is always necessary to first check whether the selected products meet the requirements of standrds, which must be followed, that the building duly fulfils its role, meets the needs of users, and positively passed the procedure of technical acceptance and obtained a permit for use.

More about key parameters of ceramic tiles in public spaces can be found here and in our Handbook.

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