The stone motif is a well-known and popular decorative element when it comes to interiors. Its variety of colours and designs allows it to be used in interiors with different functions. Stone will look great in the living room, bathroom, hallway, but also in the kitchen. However, the versatility of this motif goes even further and allows us to match it not only to different interiors, but also to different styles. What kind of stone will fit best the minimalist style, and what kind the glamour style? See how to choose the right type of stone for these and other interior design styles and create perfect and atmospheric rooms.

Minimalist style – stone in the leading role

Let’s start with interiors in which every furnishing element comes to the forefront. In the minimalist style, there are so few pieces of furniture and decoration that they are the decoration of the interior in themselves. This is why stone fits in very well there. Opt for one type with not too distinctive a pattern, but in an interesting, saturated colour. Grey or even black stone will create a beautiful background against which you can highlight the other details. Monochrome wall and floor surfaces and contrasting furnishings are the essence of the minimalist style. Contrast is easily achieved by juxtaposing opposing colours or different shades. Stone in minimalist interiors is an ideal solution, which additionally brings in a lot of class, but also a feeling of harmony and order.

Grey stone, dark wood and black are elements that will beautifully match a minimalist interior.
Minimalism – here every detail is equally visible. Bright, subdued stone will be a great base for interiors decorated in this style.

Modern style – stone in an impressive bathroom

Modernism is a style that emphasises in interiors what is in line with current trends. Spaciousness, harmony and bright colours are the domain of rooms currently decorated in this style. This is why light-coloured stone is so often used. It beautifully emphasises the simplicity and brightness of modern interiors. In the living room, you can expose the stone on the floor or on the main wall, e.g., the one behind the TV or the one on which you hang pictures. Bright stone is also a great choice for modern-style bathrooms. It will optically enlarge the space and, when accompanied by other distinct colours, create an original interior. When it comes to bathrooms, in addition to the visual aspect, the utilitarian aspect is also important – the surfaces must be resistant to moisture, easy to clean and, on the floor, characterised by non-slip properties. Ceramics are, therefore, the ideal solution. Tiles imitating marble, especially in a light shade, will create a delightful base for a modern interior. For an even stronger effect, you can use tiles with a polished surface – glossy walls are a great idea for rooms in this style.

Biały marmur, pastelowy róż i złota armatura tworzą piękną, nowoczesną przestrzeń.
Bright stone additionally enlarges the interior and gives it a spacious feel. Therefore, it will be a good choice for modern interiors.

Classic style – stone in a living room full of chic and elegance

We tend to associate traditional style interiors with wood rather than with stone. Meanwhile, it appears in them just as often, creating a less obvious, but equally delightful final effect. Which stone will look best in a classic living room? Marble, of course! It is a classic, which constantly impresses with its elegance and stateliness. Such are the interiors in which we use this motif. Use stone on the wall in the living room, accentuate the floor as well, and the room will immediately acquire a classic touch. Tiles imitating stone will be practical to use and visually pleasing. The palette of patterns and colours imitating marble is really vast, so you can certainly choose something that will match the style of the interior. How else can you emphasise the classic look of a room? Add richly decorated wooden furniture, upholstered seating and fashionable moulding – this type of decoration on walls or ceilings adds a unique style to interiors, reminiscent of the most beautiful classical designs and decorations.

Marble, gold details, upholstered furniture and moulding are all elements of interiors decorated in a classic style.
Marble is a classic, so it fits very well in interiors with a classic design.

Industrial style – stone in a post-industrial version

Stone in an industrial style living room? Sounds unlikely, but the effect can be stunning! Post-industrial rooms converted into flats usually impress with the presence of bricks, concrete walls or floors and raw, exposed structural elements. This creates a unique atmosphere, which you can complement without hesitation with a motif of other stones or rocks. Shades of grey work very well – granite or marble will be a great addition to the industrial character of the interior. Grey stone for a wall in a living room in this style will create a harmonious composition with black, steel elements, leather furniture or brick details. Marble in this jigsaw puzzle is not a standard element, but an interesting addition, which will bring a lot of class and elegance to the room, more and more often appearing in industrial interiors.

Against the light-coloured stone, the characteristic details of the industrial style can be beautifully exposed.
Stone and industrial style are seemingly distant finishing elements – surprisingly, however, they can form a harmonious, original whole.

Glamour style – stone and glitz

Glamour is all about glitz, chic, classic black, gold, and silver. Can you add stone to this combination? Yes, as long as you go for the right patterns and colours. Stone in a glamour bathroom is primarily marble, but in an original, black version. This choice immediately defines the style of the room, which you can easily emphasise with distinctive details such as silver ornaments, crystal lamps and mirrors. In a glamour living room, the black colour will look equally beautiful. Imitation of marble, onyx or agate in these colours will beautifully accentuate other glamour-style accessories – gold or silver lamps, photo frames, leather sofa and armchairs or glossy furniture fronts. The overall look will be unconventional but graceful and refined.

The light veining on the black marble goes perfectly with white walls, light fittings and gold bathroom taps.
Black marble will be an inapparent but stunning base for glamour-style interiors.

Stone in the bathroom, living room, kitchen or hallway is a safe choice to help arrange a beautiful interior. What is more, the richness in design and colour of stone allows it to be used with and matched to different styles of rooms. Marbles, granites, limestones, agates or onyx or their reflections will wonderfully complement arrangements in a classic, modern, minimalist or even industrial style. The versatility of stone gives us the possibility of matching it to any interior in a variety of styles. The most beautiful thing about it is that it looks perfect everywhere and creates a phenomenal effect.

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