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Santera Beige mat - BEIGE / beżowy - 45x45 - Floor tiles - Santera

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Santera Beige mat

Santera Beige mat Floor tiles - 45x45 - Santera zoom
Kind: Floor tiles
Size: 45x45 cm
Thickness: 9 mm
To use inside and outside
Use: Bathroom, Parlour, Lounge, Kitchen, Façade and Stairs
PEI: Accurate abrasion resistance for tiles can be determined with the parameter of number of revolutions at PEI. The number of revolutions closely reflects abrasion resistance and optimises the choice of tiles according to their destination. 4-2100.png
Surface: matt
Other characteristic
Wall tiles
Floor tiles
Tonal tiles
Frost resistance
Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) abrasion rating / number of rotations
  • Mrozoodpornosc Tonalne
PCS per box: 8 pcs / 1.62 m2


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